The Easter Blog

Instead of the The Easter Bunny.

I thought it was more clever in my head, but when I actually typed it out, the title kind of fell short.

Anyways. Good Monday to you.

Who am I kidding? Everybody hates Mondays.

I don't even have an excuse to be tired today, but I am. Just the same.

In fact, AJ(Dora The Explorer) just came in to the room and two things happened.

First, she started speaking and this is what I heard: "Mygrammaboughmeawinenthechimuksthesqyewallenitsamearment."

Doesn't make sense. So I say, "Um, what did you say Age?" Instead of AJ. I'm too lazy for the double syllables there. Yikes.

And it's almost 9:00 AM, I mean, I don't really have an excuse anymore, do I?

Oh and to decipher what the above statement was: "My grandma bought me Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakquel and it's at my apartment."

That makes a whole lot more sense.

So how was everybody's Easter?

Mine was fantastic. Loved it.

We went to church, the girls looked absolutely adorable! I will post pictures later on in the day, but I'm not near the computer I use to do that, or my camera. But to be honest, they were the cutest things ever. I mean. EVER. Besides your kids I'm sure.

I am fully aware of my prejudices. But, be honest, you have them too! :)

We went to church. And I love my church. Well, ok, Zach and I, we aren't the most active probiotics in the bunch, but the nursery is amazing and I love that my kids are connected to something.

Did you love my analogy? I heard someone use it last week and I have kind of been dying to throw it in there somewhere ever since! Lol.

But at church, I ran in to a friend, Miriah! I mean, ok, that doesn't sound so crazy. But this friend doesn't live here, she lives out of state and we have only recently become close via facebook and our blogs. So, it is kind of crazy that we would run into each other at church!

Well, first I saw her daughter, whom I recognized from all my facebook stalking on her page.

Ok, that sounds really creepy, doesn't it? Yikes.

I need to clarify. First, I saw her daughters dress. Stella and her are the same age, so when we dropped Stella off at Sunday School (Late of course) I see this dress that is absolutely insane. I mean, gorgeous. And, instantly I was jealous. SO jealous.

And not for Stella, I mean, I loved Stella's dress too. But I mean, for me. I wanted the dress. I know, that sounds even crazier. Obviously I would never fit into to a 2T.

So anyways, then after church we picked up our girls at the same time and there she was! And you know me, I seriously love running in to people I know! Hopefully we'll get to do lunch this week!

After church it was off to Zach's families house for some dinner and an Easter Egg Hunt! It was a lot of fun! I LOVE my in-laws. Like Love them. They are amazing.

My mother-in-law is in my opinion the Best mother-in-law out there. I here some crazy stories from some of my friends(Not all of my friends, just some of them) and I realize how blessed I am with such a great extra family.

Plus my sisters-in-law are the best ever. I cannot wait until they have families of their own. I always tell them that as soon as we get all of the kiddies sent off to school, we are going to spend our days "doing lunch," drinking margaritas(But not in the alcoholic way) and getting mani's and pedi's and hair appointments.

That is my idea of a true stay-at-home mom. That is also a someday wish. Or a one day. Or a that is really nice to dream about, but probably never going to happen.

I mean the hair appointments alone. Let's be honest, there is no hair stylist out there that would enjoy working on my rat's nest. I'll probably be blackballed from every salon in Omaha and the surrounding areas. Like Minola Iowa and Mead Nebraska. I'll walk in to their country little store and they will ask me to respectfully turn right around with a, "Yea, we've heard about you and you're... hair, if you can even call it that. Turn around and walk away. We don't want anything crazy to happen in here."

Well. Shoot.

Oh, can I just say though. That I am having a serious dilemma with my hair right now. This is real folks, like a serious impasse. It's the longest I feel like it's ever been. I mean, it's long. Even when it's curly it's long, I mean, after I wash it, it's really, super, long. But it loses a good six inches or more once it's dry and curly.

This is what I wanted. Long hair. I mean, I'm not going to stop, I'm going to keep growing it out. I'm determined.

But now, I'm at a very awkward stage. I don't know how to style it anymore and it is driving me crazy! It doesn't look nice on top of my head, because I go for height and it's too long, it flops over. It doesn't look good as my little explosion on the side of my head, there is just too much hair, instead of a little firecracker, it has turned into an atomic bomb. I can wear it in a side pony tail, but I get bored with that and some days it turns out totally ghetto, like I belong in a rap video. (Ok, we all know, I will never look like I belong in a rap video.... for oh, so, so, so many reasons.) I can braid it, but that too gets old, plus then the curl is ruined, so I usually save that style for the lack of shower days. I'm at a loss.

Plus, the last time I wore it down in public, somebody exclaimed, "Holy Curly!"

I'm not out to frighten people. I just want to figure out my hair. So. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to pass them along!

Back to Easter. So, there was of course the Easter Egg Hunt(Obviously, not the reason for the season, but still a fun activity) and I'm happy to say that Stella finally figured it out!!

Ok, before, we attended an Easter Egg Hunt in Bennington at their fields. Lindsay and Jason invited us and we were all excited to go. The Hunt itself lasted like three whole minutes, I mean these kids went crazy.

Or, I should say, their parents went crazy, because I know my 3 year old was not the only child afraid to pick up eggs thrown into the grass and dirt by strangers. Ever heard the saying, "Don't take candy from strangers?"

Stella. She knows better. But the age range was 0-3, so you're telling me your 0 year old was picking up all of those candy filled eggs plus the random can of pop lying around? No. I didn't think so.

Anyways, Scarlett was fine. My little adventurer. She got like five eggs and two cans of pop. But Stella. Nothing.

I picked up two for her.

But at my in-laws yesterday you would have thought she was An Easter Egg Hunt Pro. Or an Easter Egg Huntress, as I like to say. (No, I don't really say that, it just came to me.)

Next year, I think I am going to have practice runs in my yard, so she gets the idea ahead of time. Like, actually plan this out, instead of waiting to fill my eggs until the night before when I have to run to Walgreens in the middle of the night in my pajamas. Which by the way, Walgreens was extremely busy! Extremely. If I would have known that, I don't think I would have originally gone in my pajamas. But you live, you learn.

So all in all, a GREAT day yesterday. Up until our van broke down on the side of the rode on the way home.

That maybe, wasn't so great.

But hopefully it's an easy fix. And Zach can knock it out when he gets home.

He's so multi-talented. I just love him.

And now. I have work to do! Lot's and lots and lots of work.



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  1. rach... are you guys at westside? i am trying to get matthew to go back. he thinks its too big. and , btw, my inlaws are the best ever. i will argue that til the day i die. also, i am growing my hair out too... matthew loves it long, and i figure i gained 50 pounds since we got married, and now i am pregnant and never going to be the same, i can at least give him long hair... right? too long, must go. love ya!