Brennan, Booth, Bones and Blogs

Ok, so if my title makes absolutely no sense to you, then let me explain: It's from that show Bones. On Fox.

I had never watched it until recently, but all of the seasons are free on our Netflix and our friend Nate watches it and said it was good. Turns out he was right. I'm a little obsessed as of lately.

The premise, in case you aren't aware, is that an FBI agent works with scientists or archaeologists or whatever at the Jeffersonian in DC to use the remains of people to solve murders and such.

David Boreanaz plays Agent Booth whom I have loved since Buffy, but Shhh don't tell my mom because I was totally not allowed to watch that show, and I don't know who plays Temperance Brennan(The genius Archaeologist) but she is fantastic.

I do have to say this however, All of the scientists are like weirdos, like abnormally smart and awkward around normal people, pretty much the epitome of social spaziness. And here is where the story gets irritating. They are totally forgiven for it! Like working on cases, sure people don't always understand them, but as a whole, it's like, "Oh that's just the way they are."
Especially Dr. Brennan.

And ok, I understand that I am not a genius of any way, sort or kind, but why can't I have that!?

Not like the genius part, but just the excuse... Like, "Oh that's just how she is. She just says crazy stuff because she doesn't know how to interact with normal human beings." But not in like a derogatory way, like an Aw-we-forgive-her-she's-just-so-silly-and-she-doesn't-know-better, kind of way.

Enough of a pity party? Fine. But, a mindset like that would benefit both of us. Just think about it.

So last night was dance night. I have to admit I wasn't in the "Other-mom-mood" and since I had a car and only one child(Because Stella was dancing) I took the opportunity to drive on over to Kohls and shop.

I was actually looking for summer clothes for Stella, but found a few things for me instead. Hey, they are having um like 80% and 90% markdowns right now and you know me, I can't resist a shirt that costs a dollar.

Although in my defense, I didn't get any shirts. Just a couple pairs of bedazzled leggings.

Yes, I'm still in Junior High. Miriah and I can start a support group. :) (That was some blog to blog interaction in case you were confused.)

Anyways, when I got back to dance, it was time to watch the little ones perform their recital piece. This gives them practice for the big day.

So I walk in there behind the other moms, but Stella won't dance. She just stands there looking sad. My heart instantly breaks for her, because the poor child is sooo sensitive that I just assume maybe one of the other little girls said something to her that accidentally hurt her feelings or something, I don't know.

This class is all older than her anyways, except for Bella, but Bella is basically ready for the Russian Ballet, so sometimes I think she's a little intimidated.

Anyways, by the time the class was over and I could walk to her she was in tears. I put Scar down who proceeded to run around chaotically(She cannot wait until she is in dance, and even though you might think she is too young to have those emotions, I am her mother and I know better than you. So. There.) and poor Stella just started to cry silently.

So at this point I'm starting to think something else might be wrong because Lindsay is a fantastic teacher and very, very little happens in her class that she doesn't see.

Eventually she calms down and we get her shoes on and then walk over to the gas station as is our usual custom. I let her get a water and a sucker or something for dessert after dinner since we eat so late on Tuesday nights.

Anyways, by the time we got back to the car, which was like 25 minutes later, because the gas station attendant was kind of obsessing over the girls for a while, Stella is screaming about her ear and mouth.

I'm like great, it's 6:30 by this point and I'm looking at my options as the Emergency Room or Toughing it out through the night.

This is one of the biggest dilemmas facing a mother in my opinion. When do you go to the doctor?

Seriously, how sick is sick enough to go to the doctor and when is it just being a big baby or over concerned mother?

I have no idea.

So we went home.

I have a high tolerance for pain, surely my children do too.

Never believe that. That is like total child abuse.

But in my defense, Stella does have an extremely high tolerance for pain. She just won't say anything until she is writhing in pain and the nurses really do accuse me of child abuse and neglect.

Scarlett is a different story. Scarlett is often intolerant as a child, but for sure she is definitely intolerant of pain. We know days before she even has an ear infection. She feels one coming on and makes my life miserable until I have to take her to the doctor four times before it actually appears.

So, all of this makes me extra thankful for Zach because when I got home and told him what was going on, very calmly, very collectedly, very authoritatively he says to me, "Give me Scarlett and take Stella to Urgent Care."

Ok. Go.

So off to Urgent Care we went.

Anyways, long story short Double Ear Infections. Awesome. The doctor actually exclaimed, "OH YEA" when she finally got to her ear.

So she's on medicine which is awesome for a child that refuses to take any kind of medicine. And she was up all night which was even better.

But for now she seems to be doing alright and feeling better. Which is good because I am a wreck when my children are in pain and hurting. Holy Cow, I do not do well. Not to mention I assume the absolute worst. The absolute! I go from possible ear infection to brain tumor in less than a second.

And before you judge, this isn't a personality flaw rather life experience. Robbie went in for a hernia and it turned out to be Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Ok. My dad, the second time, went in for a gallstone and died two weeks later. I went in for a fever and dehydration and I almost died two weeks before my wedding. So, I kind of have this right, in my opinion.

Well, anyways, on that cheery note. Stella just has ear infections and although they make life a little more difficult, she's going to be ok.


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