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The whole club was lookin' at her.
She hit the floor.
She hit the floor.
She hit the floor.
She hit the floor.

Anyways. Sorry. Nobody should be rapping this early in the morning, least of all me.

Although, I do have to say, I have the most eclectic music taste of anyone I know.

Wait, before you start shaking your head and discounting my taste in music, let me explain.

I didn't say, I had the best music taste, I said I had the most eclectic. I'm not bragging and certainly not trying to be a music elitist, this is an observation.

Not many people can enjoy Nelly, Snoop Dogg, Lil' Wayne and Fabulous and then in the same sentence switch to Beethoven, Bach, Shuman, Burgmuller and Sibelius, oh and Mozart, and then in the same breath, love Britney, Gaga and Kesha(I know, I hate myself for it too. And I guess I should have said KE$HA.). My favorites of all time are more alternative, such as Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Regina Spektor, The Fray, and One Republic. But my most, most favorite is none other than the Cranberries and Fugees. Not to mention Lauren Hill on her own. Throw in Rihanna, Jay-Z, Lady Antebellum, Spice Girls, Alecia Keys for some R and B and anything on K-Love or 100.7 and to me that is a well rounded collection. Oh I forgot my love for the electronic! Postal Service, Imogen Heap and who doesn't love a good techno beat?

Blue Grass is my favorite type of music although I have no particular band in mind.

And the only thing I can't stand completely is the screaming music, but that as a whole is hard for me to identify as music. And if we're being honest there was a time in my life when I did listen to it. So.....

Like I said, you may call all of that crap. But it's well rounded.

That's what happens when you start your adult life off as a music major.

Just kidding. Actually, if you start your adult life off as a music major at Grace, I think something entirely opposite is supposed to happen.

Obviously though, the major didn't take. So now, instead of having a full time job teaching band and choir, I teach beginning piano lessons.

And if I could ever keep my thoughts collected and think through what I'm going to say instead of rambling aimlessly around the point until I eventually find it, I wouldn't be half bad. But as it stands, I'm thankful for my very forgiving students.

I would also teach the bassoon to anyone who was interested. I mean, they would have to be a beginner to start with, but let me tell you, I used to play one mean bassoon.

No, you can't call the bassoon mean, I guess.

Zach has a hard time even recognizing the bassoon as an instrument, he prefers to think of it as a hunting tool used to call ducks.

He's so uncultured.

Haha. Just kidding.

But seriously, are you jealous that I play the bassoon? Because, let me tell you, you wouldn't be the first.

I mean, between All-State and Band Camp I got around....

Oh. Wow. I am such a nerd.

But in my defense I went to a school in an alternate universe where it was cool to be in band and choir and not cool to be a cheer leader. It was like the Christian Version of Glee only with out the slushees. Ok, actually it was nothing like Glee.

And maybe I'm just biased towards the performing arts and it wasn't even really cool to be in those activities after all.

Dang it.

But I do know for sure, it was still not cool to be a cheer leader. Those poor girls would get cheered over by the crowd. Instead of a repeater version of Let's Go Eagles, the crowd would chant What do Eagles say? Eagles say Ca ca, and piss the three cheer leaders in knee length skirts, standing to the side of the bleachers with nothing to do, off.

Obviously I was never a cheerleader. And not because I thought it was uncool. There are actually, so many, oh so many more reasons.

The first of which starts with the fact that I am terrible at yelling and sounding peppy.

The second of which is a little known and slightly embarrassing fact that I am super bad at clapping.

Oh, it's not so little known? Oops.

I think you can figure out the rest of the reasons on your own.

I've been thinking a lot about high school lately. Well, in the last two days. I still hang out with a lot of my friends from high school. We all ended up having babies at exactly the same time. And then, I keep in touch with a couple of others. I obviously married my high school sweetheart and he keeps in touch with some of his friends too. So high school is still kind of all around me. But my girl friends and I have been talking about our 10 year high school reunion because we would really like to make it a success.

Ok, there were 20 people in my graduating class. 20. 10 girls and 10 boys. And I don't think any of them actually want to come to the reunion.

Holy Cow, I kind of just got sick thinking about 10 years.

Anyways. I loved high school. Loved it. But I love everything. I mean, it's very, very rare that I look back on an experience and don't just love it. Plus, I have a very selective memory in that I choose to remember only the positive things. So when I look back on high school, I see great friends, lots of laughs and shenanigans and teachers that loved me.

But I feel like in reality, I'm the only one that remembers high school with rose colored glasses.

Because I'm pretty sure nobody is going to come to our high school reunion.

I mean, Zach has already said he's not going. And me, Ms. Perfect Party Planner has already declared that we are going to have a decent high school reunion, that we are adults now and should act like it, by attending the festivities, and being civil towards each other. (Not me and Zach, like the class as a whole.)

There were all of 20 people in our class, it shouldn't be that hard to arrange. But I have already heard from like half of the class that they would rather die than come.

Why is that?

Seriously, if anyone can enlighten me.

Maybe in reality though, I'm the one with something to prove. I was a mean girl back in high school. Snobby, Self-righteous, let's call it what it is: Bitchy. (Sorry Mom)

I think what it boils down to, why this is so important, is because I would like to prove that I'm not that same girl. That in general, now, I like everybody. I'm laid back. Not overly-hyper. Mature, even. Or at least a child-like version of maturity.

I can't be the only person though, I mean, that has changed and matured. Maybe I'm the only person that feels the need to get together though and use my maturity as a way to like apologize to those I may have hurt or irritated.

Who knows. But whether people come or not, I will be planning something. Oh, and I have to plan it because the President of our Graduating Class kind of wants nothing to do with it. So, see what I mean?

And in an effort to get some much lacking comments on this thing.

What was your high school experience like? Would you or did you go to your 10 year Reunion?


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