The Blog Ultimatum

Instead of blogging today, I think I will go crawl back into bed.

Ugh. Not possible? Fine. But I'm not happy about. In fact, my entire being is not happy about it. I think my face is a little bit swollen in rebellion against being awake. And I haven't even tried to use my voice yet and I've been up for a good 45 minutes. Yikes.

Sun has to use a pen and paper now to talk(From Lost), maybe that's how I'll communicate too from now on. Or at least until I feel awake enough to engage in a verbal conversation. Um, that should kick in right around.... 11:00 PM tonight.

I am especially tired this morning, because last night Zach and I were able to celebrate one ofmy closest friends, Kimbra's birthday! We went out on a double with her and her husband Brian, who is also one of Zach's good friends.

Brian and Zach worked together before any of us were married and they developed an, um, bond. I guess you could call it. Or at least a friendship. Even though, Brian doesn't work at GL anymore, they are still one of our close couple friends, and we always have a super fun time when we get together!

Last night was no different. Even after we got to the restaurant, realized Zach forgot his wallet and had to drive all the way home and then all the way back. We made it. In our fashionably late way, we made it! (Ok, fashionably is questionable. You could possibly substitute it for irritatingly late way. But whatev.)

Can I just interject here for a moment, there is like a Wildlife Preserve on my back patio right now. I do not know what is going on. There are like three birds and two squirrels and they keep coming up the steps and freaking me out.

I think they are going to attack. Like they are definitely surrounding the place, waiting to make their move.

What is going on.

Ok, back to the blog(Which was also a previous title by the way.).

Putting aside our fun time last night, there has been an issue that I have been meaning to bring up. Not about Brian and Kimbra per say, but something I suppose affects Kimbra, just as much as it affects me.

What is the deal with Bromances? Seriously.

I mean, hey, I am super happy my husband has so many great guy friends, but I'm not going to lie, sometimes those friendships really freak me out.

Guys and girls are SO different.

And I definitely think girls are much. Less. Weird.

I mean we are completely different aren't we?

Like shopping for a car. Zach and I shop for different reasons. Different features attract us.

I personally, look for dual automatic sliding doors to make my life easier, a possible electronic trunk again, to make my life easier, a pretty dashboard and leather seats(Because they are easier to clean and don't hold stains the same way fabric does.), oh and a cd player. Those are the important things to me. I might not get all of them in our next van, but that's my wish list anyways. Oh and I need lots of room to fit like a billion car seats in.

Zach's wish list is a little bit different than mine. He has them open the engine and examine it. He wants a good looking exterior with no dents and no scrapes(This isn't important to me, because folks, if I'm driving it, it's only a matter of time....); he wants a good gallon per mile ratio and all of the really cool technical stuff. He wants an easy engine to work on and lots of storage room.

I mean, we will agree on the same car. In all reality his list, is a little more important than mine. I can't argue a pretty dashboard over a nice engine. I mean, what good will the dashboard do me, if I can't drive it anywhere? But our wants and wish lists are different.

Here's another example.

Our van that is broken now, the Plymouth. Ok, when people ask me what's wrong with it, this is my response, "I don't know, um, I think, um one of the belts broke? I think."

When Zach explains what happened its more explanatory, there is something to do with a snake belt, a timing belt, an air conditioning belt, some pulleys, some shredded belts, something getting sucked up into something else, pieces all over my driveway and garage and a dismantled engine sitting on blocks.

Different points of view. I guess.

I'm starting to sound like an idiot. Let's try a different example.

Ask Zach how old the kids are. He will say 3 and 1 after a pause and a quick reassurance to himself that they are 3 and 1. Or really, this is Zach, so he may just tell you "I don't know." and laugh it off, because secretly he doesn't trust you and doesn't want you to know the age of his kids.

Ask me how old my kids are and I will tell you they are 1 and 3, their birthdays are exactly two years and one week apart, Stella is in the 29Th percentile for weight and the 11Th percentile for height, Scarlett is in the 34Th percentile for weight and the 13Th percentile for height. Stella couldn't move up into the bigger sized car seat until the beginning of summer when she was one, but Scarlett was able to move up by the time she was 13 months, although neither one of them could by their first birthday. I will probably also tell you that Stella didn't walk until she was 14Th months and Scar could walk two weeks before her first birthday. I will then go on to tell you the differences in personality exhibited in the example I just gave you.

We are different.

And the thing about boys is, you grow up with brothers and all of your life, you're like these are the weirdest boys I have ever met. How do they have friends? Seriously, they are SO weird.

And then you start dating, and you're like, this guy is super weird. I mean, also super hot and I really like him, but what is with the Star Wars and the video games?

And then you get married and you are seriously like, what the heck, this guy is super weird. I mean, undying love and all that aside, this guy is weird.

And then, you meet his friends. And you discover the "Bromance." And you realize it's not by any means just your guy. It's all of them.

It is a relationship as foreign to me as the engine of a car or how to win a Call of Duty game.

Girls are normal. Totally normal. We talk. We laugh. We share meals and coffee and drinks. But the extent of our friendship is talking. I mean, when you get really deep into a friendship that usually means a good talk.

Don't get me wrong. I am totally grateful for all of Zach's guy friends, they are good guys. I think. I mean, I think I'm grateful for them.

I just don't get it. I mean, I could navigate myself better through the Dagobah system than a Bromance happening right in front of me.


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