Kick it in the air, kick it in the grass, Let's go Dragons, stick it in their Blog.

That's our old school high school chant. Only you have to replace Dragons with Eagles and Blog with another word that rhymes with Grass. You figure it out.

And By our high school chant, I mean other high schools. I went to Christian School, remember? We don't talk like that. :)

Stella had her first soccer game today! And she couldn't have been cuter! Oh my word.

I just loved everything about it. From the little boots, to the shin guards, to the socks and the wayyyy too big over sized jersey shirt. I am just so proud of her!

Of course she wasn't the most aggressive on the field, ok, or at all. It took until the last two plays of the game for us to convince her to actually run around. BUT, she was the only child not to have a major melt down on the field! That says something, right?

Ok, she wasn't like scoring all of the goals, like her daddy hoped, but I am just so proud of my little even tempered socialite. She didn't care about being on the field, as long as she could be on the field what other kids.

But I just want to say, this whole coaches thing is a lot of work! It's not all just show up for the game and let the kids do the work. Oh noooo, it is Oh, so much more.

Oh my word. Have you ever tried to coach kids young enough not to have gone to school yet? I mean, we are not only teaching them the fundamentals of soccer but things like standing in line, and raising your hand, and taking your turn. It's overwhelming.

I am frankly, exhausted. Zach is going to need a week to recover. Poor guy. Too bad there's just another game only a week away!

I suppose he doesn't have to turn them all into Pele(Am I out dating myself here?) by the end of the season though.

Ha. Tell him that. The directions said to play Simon Says and Duck Duck Goose but Zach for sure had them running drills. Kind of the cutest thing ever, all of these little kids passing him the ball, Zach passing it back and then a shot on goal! Loved it.

The only one we realized didn't work at all was trying to have them run from one end line to the other while dribbling the ball. They not only don't understand the concept of dribbling the ball close to your feet, but how to stop, how to turn around, what a white line is and how to not run into each other.

But it's not really about learned skills is it?

Anyways, I wanted to post pictures I had promised from earlier( I don't want to be called a liar... Melinda! :) Just Kidding. Muah.) So there will be a little from Easter, a little from Soccer and a little something extra!

This is Scar's first ice cream cone. She kind of loved it.

AJ and Stella. I told you she looked just like Dora The Explorer! What's with Obama in the background???

Easter Family Picture!

Stella in her beautiful dress! And of course, her most prized possesion, her Easter Basket!

Scarlett searching for eggs! She wanted to do it all herself!

Ok, Game Day. Let's get our Game Faces on!

Coach Mr. Zach(As I have the kids calling him! Hahahaha.) and the Star(Ok, only in our minds.)


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