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Ok, so the second blog didn't happen yesterday. I knew it wouldn't. I shouldn't have mentioned it. But I was hopeful. I thought, if I put it in writing, the chances of me actually getting it done were greater.

I really, should have known better.

And now I've forgotten what I wanted to write about. Shoot.

I am typing upstairs today, next to the windows with the cool breeze coming in and Zach's 7lb Rib Eye Roast in the oven. It is perfection.

Ok, this piece of meat that Zach is cooking is usually $80! Can you believe that!! Can you believe that Bakers sells a piece of meat that expensive? I mean, holy cow.

It's called the Rib Eye Rib Roast because it is the actual piece of meat that they use to cut Rib Eye Steaks. And we have the entire piece, all 7lbs of it. Are you jealous? You should be. I mean, not to be rude about it, but seriously, this is a big deal.

But thanks to Managers Specials and Easter Weekend, it was like 75% off. I am pretty excited about this, if you can't tell.

Zach and I are for sure Meat and Potato type people. We're from the Midwest, why not breed the stereotype?

Although, I need to clarify that Yes, we do have cable out here and No, we do not ride pigs to school.

Those were serious questions I was asked at a Leadership Conference in Washington DC. I was in tenth grade and I think I responded with, "Are you stupid?"

Do not mess with my Omaha. Ok. I love this city.

Zach is like this Meat Guru. He's a genius when it comes to marinating, meat rubs(Get your mind out of the gutter), grilling, slow-cooking, oven-cooking and stove-cooking. Serious Genius.

Did I just sound like Bubba from Forest Gump. "Shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it...." Or something like that.

We feel that way about meat. I mean, of course you can do all of those things with it, but every meal for us has a significant protein.

Maybe this is my weight loss issue. Aw, man.

Our kids love protein too.

Stella was eating steak at 18 months and today for lunch Scarlett polished off an entire bratwurst by herself.

We are definitely Midwesterners.

Not that we mind. We also chase tornadoes and know how to drive in the snow. In my opinion, those are skills worth having.

Oh my word. I can't really talk about this on the blog. But I just need to say that right now, in my living room, a very awkward, weird and uncomfortable thing is happening. Right now, As. I. Type.

Ok, are you curious? Because, if you are I am SOOOO sorry. I will blog about it as soon as I think I can. Which should actually be at the end of next week.

But you just need to know that this is super, super, SUPER weird.

(Let me just interject, that I am totally fine, and it's not like gross weird or anything. Just awkward. SO, so, so, so completely awkward.)

And I don't really know what to do about it. I mean, in reality I'm not obligated to do anything. But I have a conscience people. A moral compass that doesn't let me get by with much.


The problem is that this is too awkward even for me.

In reality, I believe, I can handle the awkward fairly well. I can at least talk my way through it, around it or away from it.

This situation is not like that.

Last night, we celebrated our good friend, Kristen's birthday. There was plenty of opportunity for awkward there. I mean, I only knew like three of the people well, and had met like only three of the other people. The rest were complete strangers.

Yet somehow, I managed just fine. I made racial/prejudice confessions, I gave away my political point of view and a lesson on the difference between Capitalism and Socialism, I also shared my experience at the Tea Party, I almost got hit in the face with a painting pole, and at one point I said a very, very inappropriate joke about Good Friday and Crucifixion.

Still, I had a good time. Still, I laughed almost the entire evening. Still, I waded through all of the awkward moments, that I probably created and came out on the other side unscathed.

This. This I cannot handle.

Oy. It is awful.

One day, when I stop teasing you about what it actually is, you will totally understand. And as you read my blog entry and sympathize along with me, hopefully you will give the audible, "Awww.... Ohhhhh..... Ewwww....." I deserve.

Last thought. (I am kind of all over the place today, huh?)

Have you ever seen News Radio? The TV Series?

Ok, one of the funniest shows ever! It has been our new..."Lullibye." Like, you know, the bedtime show that lulls us to sleep.

Only, that whenever it is on, I find it impossible to fall asleep to, because it is hilarious!

It's pretty old. And I only vaguely remember it from when it was actually on, but Zach claims he used to watch it all the time.

Andy Dick is actually funny on the show and RIP Phil Hartman, because he is hilarious. Poor guy.

Anyways, the show is perfect for me. Exactly what I need and love in a sitcom. It's free on Netflix if you do that kind of thing, otherwise I bet the episodes can be dug up via the good, old Interweb.


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