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So, Sunday. The day of Rest. The Sabaath(According to some). The last day of the weekend. The day I usually enjoy doing nothing. Like. Nothing.

Not this Sunday.

Well, first of all I kind of had a mountain of laundry, a literal mount of towering terror, in the middle of my living room. It was pretty scary.

Thank God I got to it before it collapsed on one of the children and I had to call in the Coast Gaurd.

The Coast Gaurd right? I mean, if someone is trapped in an avalanche, isn't that who you call?

It's either them or Ghostbusters, I can never remember.

"When there's something strange, in your neighborhood....."

And then, I also had to go to the grocery store.

Believe it or not, I like to avoid this ritual on the weekends. I hate grocery shopping. Like, don't even get me started. It's not just trying to plan the meals for the week, or comparing prices with every single thing I buy, it's not even how grocery shopping takes four times as long with kids and I ALWAYS have my kids.

It's the money. I hate spending the money on something as unnecessary as food for meals and fruit and vegetables and diet pop. (Yes, all of those things are must haves when I step inside those sliding glass doors and grab my H1N1 infested cart.)

Yes, this last part was sarcasm. Of course groceries are a necessary part of life. But, that doesn't mean I hate spending the money any less.

Here's a true story. After I'm done shopping and get to the checkout, I use the rest of my time, standing in line, praying silently that the total will be half of what I know it's going to be. Obviously, we have enough money to buy groceries, but wouldn't it be A-mazing if you went to pay and instead of $200 it was only $100, but you still had everything you needed?

But then, I suppose I wouldn't have all of those great fuel points that get me 30 cents off the gallon.

Catch 22. (That was a joke, if you thought I used the wrong word there.)

Ok, so those two tasks alone sucked up like four hours of my day.

But then, on top of that, I had to pick up around the house. Well, and in reality I had to re-clean the whole house because a potential daycare family was supposed to stop by. Unfortunately, they ended up with the flu, so their "interview" won't be until tomorrow. And I say "unfortunately" because they had the flu, not because I re-cleaned for nothing. And I do mean that, even though I just cleaned the whole house on Thursday and so it hadn't been a whole week yet.

I like to wait an entire week before I clean again. At least a week. Otherwise, I get really OCD and fall into scary habits of scrubbing and dusting. It's not healthy.

It's the same reason I only allow myself to do the dishes once a day. If I worry about it more than once a day, than I worry about it all of the time and I start like obsessively scrubbing the play dishes or any other dish-like device that I deem is dirty. It's no good.

We'll see what they think about me tomorrow. Oh geez, I'm going to have to throw on the charm. :) But with a soon to be new car payment just around the corner, it would be really nice to pull some weight around here.

Oh and then there was dinner and clean up and all of that.

So after all of that, it's 9:05 PM and my relaxing day of nothing is gone and I have bedtime staring me in the face demanding to be paid attention to.

I wish I could say I resented not being able to rest, but I actually feel pretty good about being productive. And now I have the whole week in front of me with a clean house and the laundry folded and put away.

Oh wait, that lasts all of five minutes. Dang it.

But for now, I will relax with my husband and watch Star Wars. Yes, Star Wars. One of the new ones, but only the 3rd in the series. If that makes sense to anyone.

No, it really does make sense, but apparently there is way more to these movies than just the movies themselves.

Like the books. And more books. And I don't know what else. Comic Strips? Who knows.

Zach knows. He's been explaining extra details to me for the last hour and as interesting as I've found his profound knowledge, I'm too tired to retain any of it.

So all of the syth lords and reasons why the prophecy is about Luke instead of Anakin will have to wait to be absorbed some other day.

Right now I'm only interested in R2D2 and his antics.

I know this is a lot of rambling and basically about nothing, but I have one last thing to say.

Boys wish Star Wars was real because they love the Force, and Light Sabers and Princess Leia in a gold bikini with hair ear-muffs.

I wish Star Wars was real because I want to be R2D2's friend.

Just another reason boys and girls are different.


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