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Nice, huh?

I am referring to the title. I was pretty proud of myself, I'm not going to lie.

It came to me, because Zach and I made Lamb Gyros last night.

We actually had never roasted a lamb leg, or made Greek Potatoes, OR attempted homemade Tzatziki Sauce.

And as daunting as the task seemed, we made it through and in the end actually came out with some pretty decent food!

Hooray for us.

What made it even better, was that we got to share the meal with our dear friends Kimbra and Brian and their little ones.

It was a fantastic night, filled with lively conversation, lots of laughter and the a-for-mentioned meal.

Our kids were by far the best part though.

We have two girls. They have two boys. Our first little kidlets are six days apart. Our second, six months apart. And they couldn't be cuter in how they talk and interact with each other.

Especially since Stella and Braden don't even know what life is like without each other!

Stella has lots and lots of little friends, but I think Braden is her favorite. Or I should say, she is the most comfortable around him. But like I said, the first time they hung out, Stella was like a week old, and Braden was two weeks. (At that time she actually weighed more than him.)

Ok. Enough about kids. I've been talking about my kids a lot lately. So, I thought I would switch it up. Unfortunately, the alternative is usually talking about myself. And, believe me, I'm perfectly content with being self absorbed, but I also like a good dose of variety.

Doesn't everybody?

Zach is outside right now, taking down the Christmas Lights. I just heard a loud THUMP and I'm a little nervous he is ok. I mean, ok, not nervous enough to go check on him, but let's just hope he's fine.

I'm just kidding. If I really thought there was something wrong, I would totally go check on him.

I shouldn't talk about him though. Just the other day, he told me that he was skimming through my blog(Because he claims he doesn't read it. Uh uh. Sure.) and saw his name typed way more times than he felt comfortable with.


That is totally him though. He definitely does not like to be the topic of discussion. And here I go, I just keep on talking about him.

Don't worry, he loves me. He lets me do what I want! :)

Isn't it funny how people end up together as couples? I am totally one of those people that believe there is somebody for everybody. And I don't just mean, if you can find somebody willing, then you've found your match. I mean that perfect somebody that compliments and completes you.

It might take a lot of searching and some unconventuality(This isn't a word by the way. If you thought that my vocabulary was truly large, I tricked you, because I totally just made it up!), but they are out there.

And today, there are SO many options. Like singles groups(You know, the extreme sports ones, or crafting groups, the gym, heck even Darkon.), there are tons and tons of Internet dating sites(Though, truthfully I only believe in EHarmony, but I know LOTS of people that have met someone through that and are more than happy today!), there are churches. Did you know, that there is even a church in Omaha that is committed to only singles. That's right, the only people allowed to attend are single people. I don't know what happens to you after you find somebody, maybe you get ritualistically excommunicated, who knows? But if you found somebody, would you really care?

Seriously, there is always a way to find somebody.

Sure. Zach and I got extremely lucky. I mean, we first met in second grade. And the minute I looked over and saw his cute little second grade mullet, with the sweet rat tail that got him sent home from school until he cut it off, I knew he was the one.

Ok, obviously I didn't know he was the one in second grade and Don't ask him about the rat tail, because he denies it. But trust me, my memory, in this case, is completely accurate.

I didn't even know he was really the "One" in high school, when we finally started dating. I was even more confused when we went to college. But I did know this. No matter how many times we broke up(Trust me, if you date somebody for a long time, you are bound to break up. Several times.), I would always go back to him.

He was and still is, the best man I know.

And, maybe I'm a happy optimist, but I really do believe that there is someone like that out there for everybody. In fact ladies, I know like three single guys right now that are A-Mazing. Huh? Huh?

And I know at least two single ladies, fellas that are equally amazing. If you're interested.

Ok, for reasons, I'd rather not get into over a blog, no the three guys and two girls I know are not matches for each other. At. All.

I probably should never advertise my match-making skills though. I have a friend Hilary, that I have tried to set up three separate times now. And not one single time has it worked out. Ok, the first guy was truly my pick for her and I thought they hit it off well. But then he left the country. So.... And then the next two guys I had never met before, so really the fact that they didn't work out isn't a reflection on me, right?

And here's the truth, I've not even been married for five years yet. But in my humble, and inexperienced opinion, the best couples are the ones that are so inherently different.

Not in the core things, like religion, how to raise your children, politics and morality issues. Those things, I think you kind of have to be spot on about.

I mean like differences in personality. Like, how Zach hates people and I overwhelming love everybody. Or.... how Zach doesn't believe anybody, no matter the outstanding evidence and I trust anything and everyone just on the belief that most people are good.

We are obviously two extreme sides of the spectrum, but together we come together and compliment each other in this nice balance.

It's not just us. Some of the most successful couples I know are completely opposites. We know one couple who has been married for several years and the husband could not be more of a miser ok? Like, cheap, cheap, cheap with everything. But his wife on the other hand does nothing but give.

Leave this couple alone, or Zach and I alone and our extreme personalities become not only a hindrance to us as people, but keep us from growing, maturing and being successful. On the other hand, Together, we make.............. CAPTAIN PLANET!

Just kidding, but as soon as I started to type that, I got a throw back to Earth, Wind, Water, Fire!

You get the point.

But really there are SO many types of people and couples and peoplel that make up those couples that you don't have to be different. You could be the same in every way and still work. Or different in every way and be perfect for each other. The point is there is someone out there.

I'm just saying, I really do believe in Love. Sometimes it takes work. And sometimes Patience. And sometimes a little bit of Get Up and Go. But it's out there.

And it's worth finding.


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  1. lol Rachel.. I love how you talk about Zach... it's so sweet. Really. And I equally love that you are like "I'm not going to make this blog a political soap box because he said I would" and then his facebook is like "You believe in universal healthcare? You MORON" Haha ok.. not really but you get the point! I think it's super cute. And I was in the process of writing a blog on how I don't really think I like the idea of marriage.. and then I read this... and it made me feel bad. Like I would be writing a blog to contradict yours.. so I'm opting out. :)
    PS I feel a picture of the mullet posted would be beneficial to us all. :) Please and thanks.