Rock-Em Sock-Em Ro-Blogs

I'm on an old school toys kick. I guess.

I am also allergic to something. I can't figure it out. I thought it was dry skin at first, by now I'm realizing it's full blown hives. That's awesome.

I haven't changed up anything lately, so I don't know what it could be. Maybe it's the after effects of a fever, maybe my skin suddenly doesn't like my perfume. Who knows. It's anybodies guess at this point.

You know what, now that I'm really thinking about this I bet it's my Victoria's Secret Body Wash. I haven't bought VS anything(Let me clarify that I mean Perfumes and Lotions and Body Wash and such) in years because I've always been allergic to everything I've tried and let's face it, if you're throwing away $15 every time you try a new scent it adds up. Ok?

But this was a gift. And I loved the scent. And now? I'm paying for it.

Damn you VS and your strong smelling scents. Whatever you put in your product just isn't sensitive enough for me.

I'm the same way with about 3/4th's of Bath and Body Works too. And I've never tried anything more expensive than those establishments because well, to be honest, I don't trust them not to send me to the doctor covered in red splotches that resemble in both appearance and scratchiness to Chicken Pox.

I just hope this reaction doesn't reach my face. That would just be... icing on the cake.

Ugh. I am seriously just allergic to everything. It's the reason I never washed my face until this year, it's the reason words like Shea, Cocoa and Butter have me shaking in my boots(Those have been my worst topical reactions and let me tell you putting them together is a deadly combination for me.) (Oh another thought, if you put any of those words together, such as Cocoa-Butter you can imagine how fantastic it has been to not be able to use that product after two kids.)

Ok, so can you tell it's Monday? I'm talking about Allergic Reactions.

Umm... Gross.

So let's see... This second cup of coffee isn't really doing it for me.

My eyes feel like they are swollen shut. I am tired.

I know, I'm full of great revelations on Mondays. And this is turning in to unintelligible ramblings.

I am crabby today, we could talk about something I don't like.

No let's break the cycle.

Let's talk about something I love.

Like traveling. I love to travel. Love it! I love 24 hour car rides, 30 hour plane trips, I even like trains. I love preparing for a trip, packing and buying special snacks(Like Twizlers, the only time I ever eat them.) and making to do lists and confirming reservations. I love getting to a new place and taking everything in. Discovering new things that I will love and new things I will hate, but will always remind me of a particular place. I love not being able to speak the language, or read street signs. I love taking public transportation(Something that is almost non-existent in Omaha) and I love culture shock. Love it.

But I also just love traveling around the US too. The same principals apply. The same newness and discovery and adventure, the same difference in culture and experience. I just love it.

And I miss it.

Zach and I have traveled more this year than we have in years past, but if it were up to me, I could travel every week to a new and different place. And to mix it up a little bit I would love to go back to all of the places I have already been.

I am that person who wants to go to every continent, to every country, to every city around the world and just experience life in different cultures.

I have the travel bug. And I have been dying to get out of the country recently.

That's all I have today. It's not much, and it is definitely pointless but if it makes you feel any better what I have written down is a lot more coherant than me trying to talk to my children right now. That is basically unintelligable. Oh, and it's 11. This blog has taken me 3 hours to write.... Wow. Not a lot to show for it.


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  1. did you forget the terrible all day train fiasco from france to germany, and how much brad and becky hated each other that day? that memory could pretty much keep me away from trains for awhile... or how about when you and brad were sharing a sleeping cabin (was it you or becky... i can't remember.) and his shorts suddenly dropped down from the upper bunk. hahahahah.

  2. ps. i also want to go everywhere. matthew, not so much. he mostly just wants to go to greece, and wisconsin of course.