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My children hate me.

Ok, fine they don't hate me. But they certainly don't want me to get a full nights sleep!

We are going through, let's call it a funk, right now, where both of them are up at random times during the night, for several different reasons.

But this funk, I'm not having it. Ok. I need a full night's sleep.

I am low functioning in the morning anyways, but this exhaustion is like all encompassing. My days are unproductive and I feel sluggish and not all there.

Trust me, I already have enough trouble making it through the day, but now I can't seem to get anything done.

Like just now. Ok, my house needs to be cleaned, like really badly. The whole works; dusting, vacuuming, the bathroom, the floors need to be mopped. The sheets need to be changed, the laundry needs to be folded. I have a lot of work to do.

Yesterday, my goal was to do it all. Well, I didn't get any sleep the night before, I'm just coming off strep and my girls were extra feisty. So you can imagine how much got done.

Today, I wake up with a little bit more energy. I had less sleep than I did the night before, but I'm not sick anymore so I felt good about making it through the morning.

I get the girl's breakfast, we come downstairs extra early, I put of my blog to get to work on the house and then I think. Oh wait, I need to make a dentist appointment for the girls, who have never been(Ok, I realize that this is gross to a lot of you, Stella is in fact three, and she has a genetic code of possibly the worst teeth known to mankind, but my dentist's office told me there is no point to seeing a child before they are three, and yes I have heard of a Pediatrics dentist, I just didn't know one, and I am terrible at getting on the phone. I hate talking on the phone. So basically every excuse in the book later, here we are. At least I'm trying now!).

So, I call around and call around and call around and still haven't found a dentist.

Meanwhile, Scarlett has woken up with a chip on her shoulder because she keeps yelling at me. And I'm like, Scarlett, stop it, I haven't done anything wrong, stop yelling at me. But she won't. I'm going to end up in tears by the end of the day. She is such a bully.....

Ok, then we came back downstairs, and I remembered two emails I needed to write, and then I had to make another phone call, and I left another message, and then Zach called and we talked and then I had to call him back because I forgot to talk to him about something, so that lasted a while.

All of that to say, that it's 11:20, the girls eat in a half an hour and then I take AJ to school, and then I have to get the van licenced.... and then the girl's go down for a nap and as it turns out you can't vacuum during nap time unless you want to get neither one of those things accomplished! So, by the time we're done with naps(Hopefully I can at least fold the clothes, but don't hold your breath) I will have maybe an hour, but then it's time to take Stella to dance and then supper, and then bedtime. And for obvious reasons, it's sort of impossible to clean the house once your kids are in bed, or at least in our living situation it is.

So where did the day go? I had one goal today. ONE. Yet here I am blogging away, because frankly, I give up.

This is what I mean, it's been 20 minutes since I wrote that last sentence and I've accomplished nothing except I've left more messages, talked to Zach once again and dealt with a crabby baby.

I'm throwing my hands up in the air and wavin' 'em like I just don't care, because at this point. I don't.

And instead of worrying about a clean house, which I tend to be rather anal about, I think I'll call the doctor, pray to God I get to talk to a real human being, and set up an appointment for Scarlett ASAP, because if it's not ear infections then I'm going to have to call the Catholic Church and find out their stance on exorcisms because this is not my baby. She is not this angry inside.

Please tell me(OR rather remind me) that this is the normal morning of a mother. Please. Because right now it feels like big fat failure and as it turns out, I'm not very good at failing!

Maybe we should ask my family though, because if they took a look around the house, I'm sure they would tell you I'm very, very good at failing.

Also, what's for dinner tonight? Seriously. Does anybody know? Because I sure as H. E. Double Hockey Sticks Don't!

I was going to end the blog there, but it's been another 20 minutes and I have accomplished One Phone Call Obligation. And by that I mean, I actually talked to a human being. Unfortunately the call was meaningless and nothing was decided. I'm awesome.

Update: I found a tooth! Scarlett has a tooth coming in. Thank you Lord, we diagnosed the problem!


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  1. If you want a dentist recommendation, we got to Dr. Lannie Weak, he's right at 124th and Maple and him and his staff are really good with kids. We've been going there for about 5 years now and have been really happy.

    Actually, I should call them too and set up an appointment for Courtney, I think she's ready for her first appointment.

    Charla Ruwe