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Ok, so, SO much has happened since I have had a real blog.

And, ok, if I'm honest, not really that much. But a lot of stuff that would have normally taken up a blog! Now, I'm just going to have to cram it into one, so hold on tight, it's going to be a long one :)

First and foremost, the Marriage Conference Zach and I attended turned about to be a fantastic time. I didn't expect that at all! Not at all. I mean, I truly thought it would be cheesy and boring and we probably would leave early Friday night, and forget about Saturday all together.

But as it turns out, we attended, I mean Zach and me. Not just me. Zach came with too.

Let's be honest, there were some rough patches for him, when the Iphone and it's unlimited gaming access were needed. I at times, heard an over exaggerated sigh and an impatient crossing of the arms. Once in a while, I heard a very nervous and uncomfortable, "Ok....." from him when the material got a little, um..., too personal from the speakers end. But all in all he made it through like a trooper and in my opinion listened to about 75%.

I on the other hand, totally ate everything up! Part of my attention to detail is the fact that I love to learn. Love it. So just simply getting to sit in an auditorium with speakers at the front using wireless microphones is enough to get me pretty excited. And then, I was pleasantly surprised to find out they were good speakers, their material was relevant and I was actually going to be entertained.

They used humor. A lot. And most of the time they were funny. So I think that had a lot to do with it. I'm a sucker for anything funny. We know that.

The wife was a little bit over the top. And her hand movements(Or should I say her hand flails and gyrations) were a little bit distracting. And Zach at one point told me he was super irritated by the way she talked. Which I found inwardly hilarious because although the woman is, I don't know, late-forties(?) she uses words like, "Totally," "Like," and "Insane," like every other word. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

I mean, like it's insane, because like I totally use those words like all of the time. :)

That is a good example to bring up though, because this weekend we also learned that Zach is in a little bit of denial about me. Like, a lot actually.

Not that I mind, if he is still blinded by love. I mean, really after almost five years of marriage and 9 years total of being together, you would think all illusions would be long gone by now!

So the fact that he still can't see all of my flaws and likes to remind himself that I'm not like those other girls is fine by me! Although completely disillusioned and false, but hey, I'm not one to kick a gift horse in the mouth!

What I'm talking about is this whole point the speakers were trying to make. And it is totally valid and life-changing once you put it into the context of your marriage.

They say that men are like waffles, meaning they have a separate compartment for everything in their life. Their boxes are filled or not filled with all of the separate entities that make up their existence. And on top of that they are ranked. So that a man can have a number one box, say sports, and that is all that is contained in that box. It might even be that he has a box for soccer, a box for college basketball, a box for football and a box for like the Superbowl. Ok. But at the same time, there's a box for family, a box for sex, and spaced in and out through all of their boxes are empty boxes.

So, if a man is one particular box, that is all he is thinking about, that is all he can focus on and that is all he is interested in. And then if he is in.....

Sorry this has to be continued... I have a migraine. Boo.


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