Dear Blog

I don't know how I want to start this blog. I don't want to make this blog about something it's not, but I do feel like I need to address something.

I know that last week some of my blog entries might have been a little.... intense(To say the least), and I need to clarify this before I can move on.


Because when it comes down to it, I am a very sensitive person. And the last thing I would ever, every mean to do is offend anyone. I can't handle situations where I think I've offended anyone. I can't stop thinking about the other person and what I said and how it's my fault they feel bad and on and on and on.

So before I continue, let me just say, my earlier blog referring to buying a house, was in no way meant to judge or offend anyone. That is the truth.

I am totally a to-each-their-own kind of person. Whatever is right for you, is probably not right for me. Especially me, because me and Zach are the funniest kind of people. But I strongly believe that that doesn't mean what you're doing is wrong. Ok, yes there are situations that what you are doing is actually wrong(I believe the Ten Commandments sums those up for us). But buying a house is not one of them!

If you want to buy a house. Good for you. Congratulations. You have my complete and full blessing.

If you don't want to buy a house, Good for you, Congratulations, you have my complete and full blessing.

It's not up to me what you decide to do with your life, or how you decide to live it. And it certainly isn't up to me to judge your decisions.

But this blog is not about other people, well not in this sense anyways, this blog is about me. And what is right for me. And what is right for me and my husband. And what is right for our family.

This blog is more than words. It is a conscious, thinking-out-loud, process for me. And the thoughts in my head that are translated to these pages, they are thoughts about me. I have purposefully kept from preaching/teaching/and speeching about issues that in normal circumstances I could go on and on for hours about. Buying a house? Is not one of those.

Ask me sometime about Socialism and/or Marijuana Legalization, then you'll hear a mouth full. Then I will lecture and attempt to persuade you.

But not about housing. Those thoughts were specifically about me. And what is best for me. And my family. I am in a process. A long, tough, stressful, constantly thinking about it, always on my mind, have no idea what to do, or what is the best decision process. And this is my blog(To sound like a two year old) and that is why I felt it was acceptable for me to write about my thoughts and working issues.

It was never, in any possible, or impossible way, meant to hurt, offend or judge anyone. And I'm sorry if it did.

99% of my blogs last week were written out of stress, exhaustion and frustration. Last week, it was hard to be a mom, it was hard to be a day care provider and all-in-all it was hard to be a care-taker. Thankfully, we made it through, and I'm well rested and have regained my positive spin on the world, but I'll admit it, last week was tough. And it was reflected all over :)

But today is a New Day, A New Dawn(To borrow from Michael Buble), and I'm Feeling Good.

Actually really good.

Zach in his infinite wisdom, and probably strong awareness of how stressed out I was, gave me the most fantastic night last night.

It started out at a Fish Fry. Which is by far my favorite church tradition, and I don't even like fish. But I love, love the whole concept of it and partaking in the fellowship, even if it's at a church I've never been to and surrounded by people I've never seen before.

So we went with the girls and my sis-in-law Kylee. And had so much fun. A pitcher of beer was only $5.00 and there was so much food we didn't even make it over to the free dessert table. And if you know me, you know that I must have been bursting at the seems then. (I love dessert. It's no secret.)

It was just a really fun time.

After we got back home, Kylee stayed with the girls(Our best babysitter! We love her SO much!) and Zach took me out for a much needed drink(Well a much needed "another" drink). So off to Old Chicago we went to try and finish our St. Patty's Day Mini Tour. I need that T-Shirt. Plus, St. Patty's Day is my favorite holiday(I'm proud to be Irish), and so I like to celebrate it all month long.

We saved the best for last however, and ended the night bowling! Oh my word. I haven't been bowling in.... um..... like 4 years. And I forgot how much fun it was!

It was definitely rocky at first. My first frame, I bowled 1. That's right, with two tries, I knocked down all of 1 pin. I'm awesome.

But by the end of the night I had worked up to a final score of 115!

That's pretty, pretty..., pretty....... good for me.

What? That's not a good score.

Well, let me just tell you up front, bowling is not my strong suit.

Zach and I took a bowling class in college our second semester of freshman year. That's right, we put those student loans to good use.

Zach, the star athlete and all around smart guy, got really, really good at bowling. He was our instructor's favorite star pupil(I mean at the end of the semester he even won a trophy for just being so amazing. Kind of stupid if you ask me. :) Or is that just jealousy?), he would give him one on one tutorials and taught him how to throw this insane curve ball, where it looks like the ball is about to go into the gutter and then last minute slides across the lane and knocks all of the pins down more times than not.


I was the instructors least favorite student. I could never be quiet. I was ridiculously loud and obnoxious. One time, I bowled a game of 34. That's right, 34.

My athletic abilities are questionable already, but I'm pretty sure Stella could bowl a game better than 34.

So usually my goal when I set out to play, is just to break 100. I know, I aim high, right? And I did that last night, twice actually!

And I had SO much fun. AJ and Kristen were there. We had more pitchers of cheap beer. And we were surrounded by junior high couples! (Not quite sure what the exclamation mark is about, since I'm pretty sure the junior highers were really annoying, but it's part of the experience right?)

I do have to say the low point of the evening was asking for the bowling shoes.

Shoe Guy to Zach: "What size shoes?"

Zach: "8 and a half."

Shoe Guy to Me: "What size shoes?"

Me: "10."

Awesome. I'm an Amazon.

So, kudos to Zach who loves me so much to help me relieve all of last week's stress into a ten pound bowling ball I could hurl at some undeserving, yet perfectly arranged white pins.

He's the best kind of husband.


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  1. Rachel, you are hilarious.. besides Zach probably the most hilarious person I know. And you are incredibly understanding. I read your blogs and they are quite funny (in the good HAHA way)! I can't believe anyone would be offended..maybe they just don't know you very well or have a sense of humor. I loved the way you portrayed both sides of the "housing issue". Many, many people feel the same way and it's nice for them to be able to say "See! I am not the only one with fear and frustrations!". So I say way to go! A job well done! You can't be held responsible for insecure readers..

  2. I agree... do not worry so much about what readers think. Your blog is for YOU. How YOU feel. If someone cried about what you said... you know how I feel about that... :) Too bad! You're real and honest. If you don't like it, please don't read it! You go girl on your housing stance. Stick to it. If that's how you feel... it's how you feel. Boooo to being offended. I love your blog! :)