It feels really early this morning.

I realize it's not any earlier then usual, but for some reason I can't keep my eyes open!

I think I can blame it on Friday night. Friday night, the girls slept over at my in-laws. Which, don't get me wrong, was the most wonderful thing(Well, I always think it's a good idea to send them over there but then when they're gone I always miss them! But even so, it was very gracious of their Granny and Aunts to watch them), but that night I got an amazing amount of sleep.... In a row!

It was truly heaven. Even though Zach and I stayed out late and still had to be up kind of early, we had like 7 hours of sleep in a row without any interruptions, no surprise(They shouldn't be a surprise anymore, since they happen every night!) feedings and no little girl running around the house creating havoc at 5:45 in the morning! Just sleep. Just peaceful sleep.

But since then, I've been wrecked. These last two nights have been rough, to say the least. And last night I was determined that Scarlett would learn to put herself down if she ever got up in the middle of the night. I mean determined.

As it turns out, so was she.

She's an angry little thing. Totally this red headed temper type! The more resolved I became, the more resolved she became! And even though Stella was the one who woke her up to begin with. Stella went back to bed. Little Miss Scarlett? Not so much.

She screamed(No tears. None. It was not a sad cry. It was I am pissed off, so you better get in here and give me exactly what I need cry) for over an hour! So guess how much sleep I got, while I was teaching her a valuable life lesson?

That's right. None. Damn those valuable life lessons. They're not supposed to come back and stomp on my foot!

And she won in the end, because finally it was morning, or at least the appointed time to walk up the stairs and get AJ(Ok, I need to clarify apparently. Too many people are confused. Yes, Zach and I have a friend named AJ, he is like 7 feet tall(JK) and obviously a man. I also babysit, on a daily basis, a little five year old girl named AJ(She looks, this is not a joke, I promise you, she looks exactly like Dora the Explorer. If I didn't feel like it was weird to post a picture of her and kind of like exploitation I would! So there are two AJ's. Anytime I talk about an AJ that is hanging out with Zach or working with Zach, it is safe to assume that I am talking about the tall, man one. Anytime I refer to cute things AJ says, or playing with Stella, or being here on a daily basis, it is very, very, very safe to assume that I am talking about the five year old little girl and not Zach's friend. Because to point out the obvious, it would be weird if AJ(The Man) were here playing barbies and Lego's with Stella!) Ok, now that we got that cleared up, where was I?

So, I went and got Scarlett anyways. And she yelled at me all the way up the stairs. She, I'm pretty sure, was actually cussing at me.

She's like that..... She's Angry.

Well, she is either super goofy and happy and silly. Or angry.

The child has two emotions.

I love her for it, but I feel like the next seventeen years are going to be rough ones.

When Zach and I got married, we wanted all of our attendants to give a toast. You see, I didn't really have a maid of honor, I couldn't choose one out of the friends that stood up with me. I clearly see why I wasn't able to choose one now, but anyways, I couldn't. They went from shortest to tallest. And Zach's did as well, although, it was an easier choice for him to have his brother as technically the best man.

Anyways, my bridesmaids didn't end up giving a toast, they sang a song. Which was really cute and funny. But Zach's groomsmen actually followed through with toasts. They all gave one and I know every single one of them hated doing it! Ha.

Aaron(Zach's brother) gave a really clever toast in which he "Hoped that Zach and Rachel would have at least one child just like him and Rob(my brother)."

Well, thanks a lot Aaron, your toast has come true!

Both Robbie and Aaron have the capacity to get angry, like really, really mad. And we all know they can both be ridiculously goofy.(Hopefully, Scarlett's goofiness will be a toned down version!)I remember growing up, it seemed Robbie was always getting mad and punching things, like walls, and doors and other boys.

Hopefully Scarlett will learn to channel her anger a little differently. But seeing as she already yells at me, sometimes hits me and often throws fits where she flings her body onto the ground... I'm not so sure!

Stella on the other hand, doesn't get angry. She gets snotty. Much, although I hate to admit it, much like her mother. She doesn't lash out(Ok, she's two so she does throw temper tantrums, but only at home.), and she gets even in the most passive-aggressive way an almost three year old is capable of!

I can't get over how unique and different each child is. How special God made them, even if their specific character traits are found most prominently in their faults. Not faults. In their ability to stand up for what they believe is right.

In fact, right now Stella is buckled into Scarlett's high chair because she refused to eat breakfast. She wanted to play and so she willfully(Very willfully, imagine her snapping her fingers in the shape of a Z and flinging her hair over her shoulder) walked away from the table and declared that she wasn't eating breakfast today.

Well, that lasted five minutes until the smallest thing went wrong and she broke down in tears because she didn't get her way. Well, we both know she broke down in to tears because(Ok, actually she is a bit of a drama queen) she was hungry. And if she would have eaten breakfast, she wouldn't have felt so awful and subsequently felt the need to cry. So, I have buckled her in, and given her a piece of toast and cereal bar(Lots of carbs I realize this, but they are her favorite and I figured the most important thing is for her to eat and feel better). She is not allowed out of the seat until she has eaten both. Then, Lord willing, we will be able to move on with our day.

Scarlett on the other hand wanted to terrorize the bathroom. Her favorite activity. Zach calls her the Toilet Troll, but she is just as much of a Trash Troll in my opinion. And she loves, loves to make a mess, destroy things, rip things up, eat anything and everything and in general explore, so you can see how dangerous a bathroom would be for her.

Politely, I picked her up and set her outside the bathroom and then for safe measure, I closed the door behind me. She was not happy to say the least. She totally followed me around yelling at me(Again, there are no tears, this is not crying, when I say that she is yelling at me, that is exactly what she is doing!). Currently, she is at my feet, and although the volume to shriek is softer, I would definitely still classify this as a solid scolding.

And folks all that has happened in the last 45 minutes. Imagine what the rest of my day is going to be like.

But like I said, this is how God designed them and I wouldn't have them any other way!

By the way, if you would please pray for my friend Miriah and her daughter Alexis. Alexis is three years old and got sick over the weekend. Yesterday they spent the day in the ER, where Alexis was given IV's and had blood work done. The Doctors couldn't give Miriah a definite answer to what the problem was, so they will have to go have testing done all day today as well. They did find out that there is not enough carbon dioxide in the blood. Alexis is so little and already sick that another day of testing is going to be really, really hard! Pray for Miriah to have to strength to face the day as well. And pray for the Doctors, that they will discover the exact cause and cure. Thanks!!


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  1. 5:46 am?! Are you nuts?! I'd die!
    Thank you very very much for the concern and prayers. :) Very sweet, I really appreciate it! Things are improving but we have a couple of weeks until we do tests on her kidneys.. and she won't eat so .... ;((

    Thanks again! :)