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Ok, I stole that title.

I'm still going to use it. I just needed to be upfront with you.

It's already the afternoon. I just got three little ones down for a nap and decided I need some R and R with my blog and last nights' episode of Psych. Oh and I have a fountain Coke from MacDonald's next to me. Perfection.

Psych is one of those shows that makes me want to like join the cast. Don't get me wrong, I am a terrible, terrible actor. I have NO skill whatsoever! And I'm not exactly "built" for Hollywood. Plus, I'm a Republican, that's pretty much enough to get me blacklisted right there. But they look like they have so much fun filming. Anyways.

You might have noticed earlier that I said three little ones. That's because we have an extra little girl with us. She's two and I guess her home situation is pretty bad. But she is really sweet. Ok, she's two and she is not "Stella" two, she is like for real two. And really big for her age. Or at least normal size, but still, she towers over Stella who is about to be three. Despite all of that, she is super sweet and an amazing listener!

Somehow, ok, I know how, but some where along the way I have become like this drop in center type daycare. Don't get me wrong, I always appreciate the cash and even more I really enjoy providing a service for families that really need a home they can trust and feel at ease leaving their little ones. Plus I'm super flexible. I know that it's not just a good deed, that I do get paid to work, but somehow it feels like more than that. I know what it's like to be a parent and struggle, and stress, and be overwhelmed, so for me giving these parents one less thing to worry about is a satisfying experience.

Ok, so Tuesday I get the call that this little girl needs a place on Thursday. And I know nothing about her, I've never met her dad, or even talked to him for that matter, but Thursday 10:00 AM Bella will be joining us. Which by the way, is very confusing to Stella and not just because their names rhyme. She knows two other Bella's who she has already differentiated between by deeming them Big Bella(Who is her really good friend) and Little Bella(Who is just a girl in her dance class). So what will we call the new Bella? Bad Bella(She kind of bullies Stella around).

Which brings me to my next point.

Girls are caddy. And it doesn't matter at what age. All of our sauciness and feistiness is not learned behavior. Oh, no. For all it's glory and problem causing-ness the Royal Attitude is definitely innate from the moment we are born.

I witnessed four hours of this all morning. Stella, AJ(The five year old I watch daily), Bella, and yes even my sweet, innocent, little Scarlett went at it for hours. Constant bickering back and forth, taking each others toys, pushing each other, pulling each other's hair(Ok, this part was Scarlett and she is just actually obsessed with pulling hair and then eating it. Gross, I know.), whining, complaining, crying, screaming(Oh, yes, lots and lots and lots of screaming).

Some of that is typical kid stuff, whether you are boy or a girl. But some of it is only reserved for the female sex. It's not just what they do, it's the way they go about it! Sometimes passive aggressively, like waiting for the other one to put down a toy just for a second, just drop their guard for one moment before snatching it up into their own greedy little claws and claiming that the other one "Put down the toy because she was done with it." Oh, no, we see the game you're playing. Or like a discreet elbow to the gut when they think I'm not watching. Yes, that really did happen this morning.

But sometimes it's more obvious. Like a cliche girl on girl cat fight. They collide mid-air, claws out, hissing and spitting, claiming their territory and proving the alpha status. And sometimes it's all verbal, the same scenario except the weapons are words and the backlash, high-pitched screaming.

I felt like I was watching an article in National Geographic come to life in front of me. "Toddler Girls in their natural habitat, watch as the new meat tries to infiltrate the established tribe. See how she bullies and yells, trying to establish dominance? See how the others fight and bicker to establish the territory that was theirs to begin with?" But seriously, it's like that.

And it's like that when we get older.

I mean, we hide it better. We tend to be more Passive Aggressive then out right Aggressive, ok, well some of us. But girl's don't change. And we shouldn't have to. We protect whats ours, right? I just felt good today noticing that it starts from birth. We can't help it actually.

So go ahead, be caddy. Be sassy. It's what you were born to do!


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  1. Ohhhh nobody knows that better than someone that worked at Hooters for 4 years! :) Thank you for not writing this earlier and getting me in trouble in class... I have no self control! :)