Famous Blogs

Hi, my name is Famous Rachel.

Last night, Zach and I and the fam went to try out the new Famous Dave's by our house. We were excitedly welcomed through the front doors by an over-enthusiastic host. Literally, he nearly knocked me over in his rush to open the door for us! There were maybe ten or more people standing in the entry-way to welcome us, all with silly, large grins on their faces and loud shouts of "Welcome to Famous Dave's!"

Zach and I, who are usually less than enthusiastic, look at each a little skeptically. Like..."What kind of koolaid are these people drinking?"

But whatever. We follow another bouncing, and jittering host back to a table and as she seats us she exclaims, "Oh look! You get a free dessert!"

Another paranoid look passes between me and Zach, but whatever, we are already inside, already strapping our children in to their respective seating apparatuses, and that's enough work to keep us grounded no matter how kooky the place turns out to be.

One hostess leaves, and another one magically appears. Asking for our drink orders and explaining that everything on the menu is..... Free!

What did you say?

Yes. Free.

Zach and I, we don't usually get anything for free. We are that couple that ends up paying for something three times or the couple that just misses the huge blow out sales event and now have to pay not only full price, but plus the $500 extra fee for coming late to the sale everyone else knew about. Seriously. We're not those lucky people skipping through a life filled with freebies and handouts. Part of it has to be the breakable-curse attached to me, the other part has to be that fact that Zach and I take forever. I mean Forever. To come to any kind of conclusion or decision. The final part, is that Zach is the most skeptical, un-trusting man I have ever met. Like in a good way.

Nothing in life is for free. He understands this. And therefore is extra, and rightly cautious. A personality trait I lack and in fact had no idea even existed until him.

So anyways, once we figure out what is going on, that our entire meal is going to be free, we start to ask the appropriate questions.


How come?

What do we have to do?

And really, is this free? Or just like one of the kids meals?

But no. Everything was free. Everything. (Well, except for alcohol and the XXX ribs, but that's pretty understandable.)

So we went ahead and ordered to our little hearts content. Goodbye diet for the night, goodbye the weight I just lost over the last week. Hello corn bread muffins, and brisket and bread pudding! There was something about getting everything for free that made me... extra hungry. It was shameful! But. Delicious.

And everything really was for free. Everything. Crazy.

Oh, it was totally because they are not really open until Monday and last night was a Friend's and Family Event so the kitchen and wait staff could practice. And since we weren't friends or family of anyone in there we totally weren't supposed to be there! Ha.

But in our defense nobody told us.

So thank you Famous Dave's, you can now consider us, both Friends and Family!

In other news, my baby, little Scarlett Helena turns 1 today!

Time flies by so quickly when you have kids. I cannot believe that she is one!

Able to drink Vitamin D milk and walk on her own. She says anything she wants to, especially Uh Oh and Daddy(Her two favorite words.). And she still has barely any hair. She is a goofy one, that little girl.

Last night, she was sitting in a high chair, enjoying her very own kids meal. That's right, since everything was free, I splurged and got two kids meals instead of making them share one! In actuality neither one of them can finish a whole meal, so between the two of them one kid's meal is plenty!

Ok, back to the story, so Scarletto is sitting in her high chair and every time somebody would walk past her she would grab anything and everything she could reach from them. That meant all kinds of fun stuff from the waitresses apron! It was kind of embarrassing. But that's my little Scarlett, brave, unafraid, in to everything and extremely, extremely curious.

Totally opposite of my careful, cautious, skeptical Stella.

Can you guess which child takes after which parent?

Final story and then I will let you enjoy your Saturday. Mine is busy anyways with a birthday party and I really should be getting to work... or at least showering!

Zach and I were talking about what to buy the girls for their birthdays because they don't necessarily need anything. They have too many toys. Their toys are running us out of house and home. And they have plenty, plenty of clothes... What they most need is a house of their own, but that's a different blog and a different day.

We were facing a conundrum.

Zach throws out Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys as ideas and then we start reminiscing on how we played with them when we were kids.

Zach makes the comment that he was awesome with those things and built monster structures.

I say, oh me too, I used to love playing with those when I was a kid and Robbie and I would sit around forever building all kinds of ridiculous sky-scrapers and/or robots.

Zach's response?

No you didn't. You're a girl. You're lame.

What? Not true. In fact, let me throw in a little girl power(1990's revolution anyone?) and say that because I'm a girl. I. Am. Awesome.


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  1. Megan and Courtney love to play with tinker toys and Lincoln Logs- go get them for your girls! They would love them!

  2. We didn't end up getting any this time. We opted for the Little People, because they didn't have any. But it's good to keep them in mind, because we're going to have to buy presents again, of course, and it's nice to have something already in mind! Thanks Charla!