What is it that people say? You must have a case of the Mondays.

I don't actually like that phrase, but let me tell you, I can totally relate. Today, I have a case of the Mondays.

And so far, I have gotten nothing accomplished. Which is fine with me. If I get nothing accomplished at all today. So be it. That's all I have to say.

Ok, and it's not entirely true. I have taken care of kids and fed them breakfast and all that jazz. Oh, AND I have caught up on some facebook correspondence. That's right, I have done my daily replies and wishing of happy birthdays, I even made a random wall post. Now that is an accomplishment(Sarcasm?).

This is a weird culture we live in. Facebook. Twitter. MySpace. Well does anyone still use MySpace? I don't even know.

Everything is about status updates and profile pictures. You can keep tabs on people that under normal circumstances you would never, ever talk to. Like high school friends, or camp friends, or friends of friends.

I'll admit it. I am as much of a Facebook Stalker as anyone else out there, if not more. But. Sometimes I wish I would rather not know. You know?

Last night, after a very, very busy weekend. Zach and I were relaxing and catching up on some DVR'd TV. We love The Soup, with Joel McHale. I mean love it. I am like addicted to celebrity gossip and although I wouldn't call The Soup, gossip(More like a recap of all of the shows I watch during the week), it is a way for me to kind of poke fun of my outrageous obsession. It's like fine, I love all of that stuff, but I know I'm ridiculous.

Ok, so at the beginning of the show there is a montage of all of the upcoming topics to be discussed on the show. Like a 45 second clip reel of the weirdest of the weird. And I find myself saying out loud, "Why are people SO crazy?"

It was a legitimate question. Tool Academy. Bad Girls Club. The Bachelor. Toddlers and Tiaras. The Real World. Jon and Kate. The Today Show. Regis and Kelly. Ok, there are some gigantic weirdos out there. And those are just reality shows. Scripted shows can be just as bad!

So, the thought stays with me through the night. And then I'm on Facebook this morning thinking, it's totally not just TV. I mean, let's face it we're all a little bit weird. And Facebook is like this Weirdo-Monitoring System, or Barometer for Every One's Strange Behavior. And we're all addicted. Like my addiction with Gossip Girl and The Hills(When Lauren was on of course), we can't stop watching the train wreck happening in front of us.

Sure, Facebook is totally great for things like catching up with long lost friends, people who live far away, family, new acquaintances and besties. Ok, so that makes up like 10% of the people I'm friends with. What about the other 90%? Why are they my friends?

And I'll admit there are some people on Facebook that I didn't necessarily start out being friends with, but through Facebook Encounters we have become friends. And I can really appreciate the site for that.

There are in truth, many benefits to the FB. BUT what are the downsides? I mean, besides having all of your personal business out there for everyone to read and see? How about, having everyone else's personal business out there for Me to read and see.

Let's address the worst of it first. The girls who take, trashy, lingerie pictures and post them on Facebook hoping to become famous. Unless your aspiration is to become a Playboy Model or A Victoria Secret's Model(Which don't get me wrong, I love Adriana Lima and Heidi Klum as much as the next person) don't take your $10 Baby Doll and Thigh Highs to a Pervo Photographer ready to bare all hoping to get famous. It won't work.

If we have learned anything from Tyra and America's Next Top Model, starting out naked is not the way to launch a career. The only career where a girl can start naked and work her way up the ranks is a career that I am pretty sure non of us will be watching. Also, it gives people the wrong impression.

Plus, I would rather not see it.

And if you were hoping no one would see it either, then you shouldn't have gotten pictures taken in the first place. Or at least not with a photographer who has a website and uses Facebook as a networking site. So, to recap, unless the photographer is 80 years old and still somehow never heard of the intraweb, if you've taken riskay pictures they will get out there. Your friends and family will see them. Your reputation will be compromised.

Just Saying. (I know here, for dramatic reasons I should say, "Just Sayin'." But I can't. It's not grammatically correct and it bugs me. So everyone imagine it in your head, but for OCD purposes, I'm going to have to keep it the way it's written.)

Another one is the relationship status updates. I don't care if you have something sweet to say about your significant other. That's fine. Brag. Congratulations for choosing someone not a complete idiot. BUT.

I don't want to hear that you are in a fight. Or that things are going well.... for now. I don't want to hear what an idiot you were last night after drinking too much tequila and throwing a hissy fit. It's all too much information(Or as Michael Scott would say, TMI). If you are having problems with your BF(That's boyfriend, not best friend for all of you out there from the 90's who still remember the half heart necklaces) work it out, outside of Facebook. How about try apologizing to his face, and not via the Internet or text messaging?

Think about it.

The last one, sadly I'm guilty of. And I hate to call myself a hypocrite, so I'm going to do my best to quit. But it's political opinion status updates. Let's face it, your political or anti-political as the case may be status update is unfortunately not going to educate anybody. At best you can hope for, maybe, some type of after school special result but even then you will probably only be reaching those who are already on your side of the argument.

I get sick of hearing the other side to my argument, so I can only imagine the disgust they feel when they read mine. I don't want to not like you just because we're Facebook friends and we happen to have differing political opinions, and I definitely don't want you to stop liking me just because I happen to be a Pro-Life, Conservative, Republican that doesn't believe in Global Warming or Universal Health Care. Even if that is part of who I am. AND, if you didn't like those things about me to begin with, why on earth did you send me a Friend Request? Is it just so you can hate me more?

Because I am really sensitive about people not liking me, so that is just not nice.

Anyways. Another rant. Do you notice they are coming in Bulleted-Points-Type Papers? It's ridiculous. I'm not mad at the world, and I don't hate everyone and everything despite my blog. It's just Monday, and I have a case of them.

But then again, if girl's really wanted to become models, they would come talk to me(I'm an avid fan of America's Next Top Model, Project Runway and 8th and Ocean, although it only had one season, so that pretty much makes me an expert.) instead of forcing their badly-taken-self-esteem-compromising-nudey-pictures on me.

Just Sayin.


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  1. LOL... I love it. Did you read my status about facebook stalking I wrote last night?! Haha.. Dang I had to delete this one guy because all he talked about was politics... I made the mistake of once posting something semi political... NEVER again!! :)

  2. Yes, I did read it! Ha. That is so funny! And I know what you mean. I am not your friend on facebook to fight with you about politics. It's seems like the strangest forum.... but whatever, people are strange! Lol.