This is the earliest I have ever started a Sunday Blog.

Not that it's really that early. 10:00. Usually, I start around 7:30. Now that's early.

But today is different.

Usually Sunday's at this time, I am scrambling around to get myself and my kids ready for Church. Or Brunch. Depending on the Sunday.

We do the whole get up early, but laze around thing until the very last second when we have to rush, rush, rush to get out the door. And let's face it. I never go into a Sunday clean and pretty. Ok. There is usually major work to be done come Sunday and today is no different.

I'm like that with all things though. I totally just take my time, and slowly move about, and then suddenly I'm late, like very late. Once I realize how late I am, or how late I'm going to be it becomes this crazy, ludicrous race to get out of the door.

My kids are used to it by now. Not that it makes it any easier. Mommy's fine. Nope. Now Mommy's screaming at us to get our coats on and learn to buckle ourselves in. Stella can keep up. But that Scarlett makes me so mad when she doesn't put her coat and shoes on, while I'm rushing around to get juice cups and snacks and extra clothes and enough diapers and the TV and crib and kitchen sink and whatever else a mother on the go might need.

Just kidding. Obviously Scarlett is a little too young to be slipping her coat on and rushing out the door to wait patiently by the van until mommy can buckle her in. I get that. And trust me, I'm in no hurry for her to grow up and become independent. Because that child, is going to be a handful.

Today is different though. Today, I am confined to my house per say. At least until 4.

So here I sit. Writing my blog. Looking like one hot mess, or not so hot as the case may be. With Stella, the newly Three year old at my side, coloring quietly.

This morning she woke up and told me, "Mommy, my birthday's over. I'm three now." Where do they get this stuff? Adorable.

I have something I want to write about, but I don't think that I can. Hence the rambling. It's at my fingertips, but I am definitely using all of my self control to hold back.

Don't worry. It's nothing weird. I just think for legal reasons, I better keep my mouth shut.

Now you're curious. Aren't you?

Well, I'm sorry. You'll just have to wait. I will write about it eventually. I promise. But you will just have to wait.

That was cruel. I'll admit it. And now you're asking yourself, "Why didn't she just go back and erase all of that and start over?" That is an excellent question. I'll give it to you. But it's just not the way I operate.

If you haven't figured it out yet. There is very little editing to this whole process. What comes out, stays out. Except for the spelling errors, those have got to go. I can't stand typos. I'm totally the person that edits all of the books I buy in red ink. I sit there reading, totally engrossed and enjoying a story all the while, correcting any misspelled words or grammatical errors. You would be surprised what editors miss these days.

And now you're surprised that I care. Because, ok, I'll admit it, it's totally a weird habit and I am definitely a little bit crazy for it. I get that. And you're also thinking, "Well heck, this blog isn't the shining example of any perfect paper, no matter what style or genre." Or as my mother says, "I wouldn't call the blog, your best work."

Fine. You're right. You're all right.

But I like to think of this more as a conversation then a paper. An ongoing dialect. Open communication between me and you.

Aren't you excited about that? :)

But enough about me.

I've been feeling very self-absorbed recently, so let's break out of that. I need to break out of that.

Let's see.... What should we talk about?

Global Warming.... No. That depresses me.

Universal Health Care..... No. I said I wouldn't get Political. And that would depress you.

War, Terrorism, World Peace, The Hunger Problem, The Water Problem, Aids, Domestic Violence..... No. Let's not go there.

Sheesh. If you're feeling as down as me right now after that list, we need a little pick me up.

Let's talk about Seinfeld.

I love Seinfeld. Love, love, love it. I didn't growing up. I didn't understand it. But after I got married, I learned that I not only would soon love Kramer, Jerry, Elaine and George, but that my grown husband needs a lullaby to fall asleep every night.

This lullaby came in the form of a TV series played every night before we fall asleep. He seriously cannot fall asleep without the TV noise. I can. I can fall asleep any where, any time, any place. No problem.

But I adapted. And along the way I discovered new shows that I like or don't like.

I thought I liked Friends. I don't.

I thought I didn't like Seinfeld. I do.

I believe there are three types of people in the world. Friends people. Seinfeld people. And people who don't like either.

There's not one way that's better than the other, not one type of person I like better than the other. People just are who they are, and although philosophers, psychologists and preachers might have different ideas of what kinds of people they are and all that jazz; this is how I break it down.

So. I'm a Seinfeld person. And a totally irritating one at that.

I can relate any topic, any event, any subject to an episode of Seinfeld. No problem.

Like today, This Blog, right here. Is totally like the episode where Jerry and George have to write their first episode for the NBC show. They have no idea what to say or write. They sit there for five minutes, get distracted, find something else to do, try to write some more, get distracted, come up with one half-cocked idea, work for 30 seconds and then leave.

That is exactly what this blog is like.

Also it's about nothing.

Also, it's now 12:00. This blog took me two hours. You think there'd be more to it, or it would be about something. Anything.



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