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That's for all you Band Geeks out there.

Yes, that does include me, since I'm pretty much a Bassoon Master.

Ok, moving on.

This has been a terrible, terrible morning. Things have definitely not gone my way, to say the least and it's only 8:00.

First of all I over slept for AJ. I Cannot Believe I Did This!

Once upon a time over-sleeping was a daily routine and I would adjust my schedule to accommodate. But, two kids later and a day care kid who arrives anywhere between 7:10-7:20(Her scheduled time is 7:30 and I'm always up before she arrives anyways thanks to Stella or Zach, but I have a hard time understanding people who are early. We don't connect.) (This from the person who at best, at the very best, is always 15 minutes late. Ha.), and Zach who is usually up by 6:30 for work, sadly, I am rarely in bed past 7:00 AM.

I just need to say this: It sucks.

But this morning? The stars were aligned, the morning sun rose red, a comet passed through our atmosphere and there must have been an owl sitting outside my window because the events that occurred were practically the once-in-a-thousand-years kind. Zach didn't have to be up early and was therefore asleep. Stella was fast asleep between us, like out, she didn't even get up after I shot out of bed, AND the alarm didn't go off.

I wake up abruptly to my mom's voice through the floorboards, "Oh, Hi Mike. Rachel's downstairs." Thank God my mom loves me and didn't say something like, "Oh Rachel's still asleep, did she know you were coming?" Oh no, My mother loves me. She also knows my sleeping habits. And she realizes that over-sleeping is not that far out of reach for me!

But the fact that she was even home was a miracle in itself, because usually she is off to work by 7:17 AM(The time AJ arrived this morning, definitely not 7:30 by the way...). This morning, however, she has a work day, no school-kids, and therefore was able to sleep in a little herself.

Also, extremely fortunate, was the fact that Mike(AJ's dad) and my mom used to be neighbors. So he trusted her enough to leave AJ with her AND hand her my check for the week. After all of that I just have to say....

Whew. With my hand sweeping across my brow, wiping imaginary sweat.

So, after fumbling, falling, nearly cursing(I said nearly, what kind of lady do you think I am?), stubbing my tow, fumbling some more to get dressed, throwing my hair into a crazed bun on the top of my head(I really mean crazed here... I looked/still look like a total crazy person) and rush up the stairs just as the door closes. What? I say. I totally meant to arrive at this exact moment.

My mom knows better.

So, since Stella is somehow still sleeping, I set AJ up with some TV.

Here's a random thought. Have you ever watched Jack's Big Music Show? That is the weirdest, most annoying, crazy-hippy show out there! It is seriously weird. I am not a fan.

Coo Coo Ca-Choo.

Ok, back to the story.

AJ is set up. I go to poor myself a much needed cup of coffee. First, I spill the coffee all over the counter. So... I clean it up. Try again. Successfully, fill up a cup with the good stuff. Then I pull out of the refrigerator(Another random thought, did anyone watch Idol when the groups tried to sing Gwen Stafani? Hilarious.) my treasured bottle of Creamer(This weeks flavor: Sugar Free Carmel Vanilla. It's one of my faves.) because we all know I can't drink coffee without that teaspoon of cream.

But. It's a new bottle. So it doesn't poor. I have to close the lid(Well, I think I close the lid) and unscrew the cap before peeling back the foil seal. This done, I screw the lid back on and begin to shake the creamer.

Big mistake.

The top was not pushed down all of the way and I completely douse myself and the entire kitchen(Which I had just scrubbed clean yesterday, by the way.) with Sugar Free Caramel Vanilla Creamer.


What was even awesomer was me trying to clean up the mess. Turns out, I was not as awake as I had previously thought I was.

"Surprise, Surprise." Says the white liquid all over the kitchen cabinets, floor and my favorite sweatshirt.

"Zip it." I reply snottily.

After what feels like a mole(Because they're blind) cleaning up an oil spill, I successfully stir a teaspoon of suddenly my least favorite flavor into my cup of coffee. I pick up the cup. Walk out of the kitchen. Turn the corner. AND..... spill that whole damn cup right down the front of me. (Forget being a lady, this is getting ridiculous!)

P.S. My mom also says I curse too much on here. So sorry for that, I guess.

But it was hot. Like It's-Time-To-Sue-MacDonald's-Hot.

Plus, Really? I mean, seriously?

You, not being involved in the actual situation, might chalk all of this bad luck up to fatigue, the fact that I still wasn't awake and moreover the fact that I am definitely not, on any level a morning person and usually not able to function normally before 10:00 AM.

But, me, being there, involved, an active part of all that went down realizes it was much more.

A bad omen perhaps?

A cataclysmic event culminating only once every 1000 years?

Or fine, I was tired, and unable to function properly.

What would happen to the world if I had a real job? Seriously, I would probably be burning down buildings and crashing cars every other morning.

So, to counteract all of this "bad karma?" I do what I always do, I crack open a bottle of Jack and try to forget the walking accident I am at any time of day, not just in the morning.

Just Kidding! I've got kids, what kind of a mother do you think I am?

No, what I crack open is actually much worse, but a necessity in times like these.

A regular soda.

That's right. This morning it happens to be a Cherry Dr. Pepper and trust me it is just what the Doctor ordered.

A few updates.

First, last night at the gym, Booty Shorts was totally there. Kylee got to see him first hand and confirm that I am on no level exaggerating! Plus, last night he was doing these totally weird step exercises. I just don't get it.

Second, Stella is awake by now and she is demanding that I give her Valentines Immediately. She's demanding that I give her Valentine's, because I made her stop following AJ around shouting, "Where's my Balentibe?" after she handed AJ the one she made for her.

Third, CONGRATULATIONS to my dearest friend Melinda who is having a baby!!!! I am just thrilled for her and I know she is going to be an AWESOME mother! Check out her blog at to read her amazing story! I'll give you a little spoiler, she totally thought she wasn't able to have children, which is a very, very rough reality to face at 25 years old and when it's been your dream your entire life. But miracles of miracles the doctors and her body were wrong because here she is, with child! We are SO excited to meet little Baby Boucher!

Well, hopefully, tomorrow is a better morning. Until then.


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