It just took me an hour to put my little Scarlett down for her afternoon nap. She had been screaming at me for two hours.

She is something else that little Scarlett.

She's only ten months old, but already she gets mad, gets even and holds a grudge. What a handful she is going to be!

When Zach and I chose Scarlett for our second born's name we had no idea what kind of consequences we would pay. Scarlett meaning literally the color red has various sub-meanings. Red the color of passion, love, anger. My Scarlett feels strongly, she loves whole-heartedly and screams bloody murder.

I truly believe that a name defines a child, a person. My name, Rachel, means Little Mother. Ask me if I've ever been able to find a job that doesn't involve children! The answer is no, I haven't. In fact I have never even looked for a job because nanny jobs, or babysitting jobs, or daycare jobs always find me. Since high school it has been this way! I used to complain about it, butI now not so much. I've accepted my lot in life, to raise children, whether mine or someone else's! In fact, I even enjoy it.

The point is. I decided to choose my children's names carefully. I have always thought my name has defined not only my personality but my apparent career path. So. Stella's name means Star. I am satisfied with that. If nothing else, she will shine. A parent can be happy with that. There is solid career path hiding behind her name meaning, no way of life she absolutely has to choose.

And so I thought the same with Scarlett. Zach and I love the names together. Sisters: Stella and Scarlett. Of course they are our children and we love them with a bias only parent's possess. But I kept the same careful thought out process choosing Scarlett's name that we did with Stella. And when we finally, and officially named her only minutes after she was born, I felt completely satisfied. Completely at peace. I still am, really. But I am shocked at how in only ten months a name could have this much capacity to mold and shape a child.

First of all, she was born with black hair. Or at least very dark brown hair. So, we figured we were safe not naming a child with the same color hair. But guess what! All of her dark hair fell out and what's growing now is definitely red. Not a Scarlett red. But she's only ten months! Who knows what color it will be when she enters high school.

Don't get me wrong. I love red hair. Love it. But really, a red head named Scarlett? Come on.

Second of all, she has a temper. She gets so mad. She yells at me, like literally yells at me. If I don't have lunch on her plate as quickly as she thinks I should, she screams at me in this bellowing, ear-piercing voice until she is satisfied. She fights with her sister. Like hits her and pulls her hair. If she is mad enough, she can totally beat Stella up! Not to put stock in a cliche, but ever heard of a red headed temper?

I mean, really.

Despite these um, character faults, scratch that, traits, she loves deeply. She loves with everything that she has and she is the most precious baby you'll ever see!

So maybe instead of the name defining the character of a child. God has had a hand in this whole naming process since the beginning. It seems to me that both the child and their name would be destined for each other. Scarlett was preordained for my second born as much as my little second born was destined to be named Scarlett.

Hot temper and all.


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  1. Scarlett Helena - "Red" "shining light" or "reflector of light"
    She will be passionate about reflecting the light of Jesus!