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Friday. Thank God.

Or what's that saying... TGIF. Ha. But really. Thank God it's Friday.

I love weekends. I love weekend nights. I love Saturday and Sunday mornings. I love Sunday afternoons and Saturday evenings. But most of all, most of all I love Fridays.

It's the fresh start. The beginning. And I love it. Even in the middle of the day on Friday afternoon it still feels like we have the whole weekend in front of us. And I love it.

Zach stayed home today and AJ(the little girl I babysit) didn't come today either. So I've had the whole day with just my hubby and my girls and well my sister-in-law who might as well move in with us. But because we love her so much.

So here I am, with both of my girls asleep for their naps, relaxing for a moment. I have maybe twelve baskets of laundry to fold. That's not an exaggeration. I know, it's disgusting. But if you hate laundry as much I do, then you can understand how I've procrastinated this long and now have basket after basket of clothes to fold and put away.

But that's besides the point. I'll get to it. Eventually.

Where was I?

Oh right, how I love the weekends. Because I truly do. We have no plans this weekend. None. But these are my favorite weekends of all. Stella will have dance tomorrow morning, of course, but that's the highlight of her week. Which I will have to blog about dance someday because.... well that is something. And then Sunday, church of course. Or as Stella calls it, School. As in Sunday School.

But other then those things... nothing. And that is just the way I like it. Zach and I can plan whatever we want because well, there is nothing else planned. In fact, I think tonight he is already trying to plan a guys' night. And tomorrow night? Who knows?

There is just something about doing nothing on weekend nights that is different then doing nothing during the week.

Once upon a time, I needed to fill every aspect of my weekend with things to do and people to see. But nope. Not anymore. I have hopefully matured past my socially dependent, freedom phase. Now? Now, the weekend is like a vacation away from the week.

I suppose it always has been. But when a schedule full of social events feels more like a chore then a good time, I will choose the seclusion of my living room and relax. Of course, Zach and I do still go out and do still have friends. But they have their own lives too.

So Friday night comes around, and usually Zach gets home from work and then the weekend can begin. We can stay up late (even if the kids still get up at the same time on Saturdays and Sundays), we can eat late night snacks and drink a little more beer and take a vacation from the hecticness of the work week.

It's a small, but glorious break. We don't have to take a trip to enjoy the time off, although sometimes it's fun to take an actual getaway. And sometimes I love a busy, event filled weekend. And sometimes I like a weekend where the only thing planned is a Sunday afternoon dinner at my mother-in-laws.

So Thank God it's Friday. I've already started my vacation.


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