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Ugh. Serious Day.

I mean, I had told myself I would write something serious on Thursdays. Why Thursday? I have no idea, but that is the day I had assigned myself.

But now that it's Thursday? I've got nothing. And I'm nodding off trying to write this so I can't imagine you are fairing any better.....

I mean I do have serious thoughts. I'm not a total flake. But, thoughts I'm brave enough to share? Not so many.

But here's the deal, if I am dreading writing this blog then my purpose for starting it has been defeated.

So I'll stick to writing what I enjoy, what comes from my heart, what makes me smile(Because I would much rather smile then read what makes me serious.).

Also, I have a pretty good idea of what I would write about if I keep the tone of this serious and if I could barely stomach the State of the Union last night, what makes me think rehashing it today would be any better?

So instead I'm going to share some very, very serious questions with you that maybe someone can answer. And if no one is there to answer them, then I will simply share them with the Universe hoping in some way the Universe will hear me and respond.

Q: I know French Fries are bad for you, but if you eat them when they're cold and gross does that reduce the calorie count?

A: Because it should.

Q: How do you rinse pots and pans in the sink using the sprayer without spraying water all over yourself as well?

A: Seriously, if there is a way? I would love to hear it? I always spray myself right in the face.

Q: What does a stay at home mom do with her college degree?

Q2: Is it really as useless as Daniel Tosh claims?

A: I have no answer to this one. I have no idea. If I did, I probably wouldn't have time to write a blog.....

Q: What is it about a mustache that makes it so creepy?

Q2: And what is it about boys that make them all want to grow one?

A: I feel like I am always trying to convince Zach that he can't sport a mustache. :)

Q: Along the same lines.... Why does everyone get skeezed out by the word "Moist?"

A: I seriously shuddered when I typed it, but I still don't understand.

Q: Is there a solution for severe frizz?

A: I mean, severe frizz.

Q: How long is Double Fiber Bread good for? Like how many weeks?

A: Because DFB is not like normal bread. I have seen it last, and last for a very long time. But does it go bad without getting moldy?

Q: When did "BF" start standing for boyfriend?

A: I was always under the impression it stood for Best Friend.

Q: How many minutes late should you just give up and turn around?

A: I mean really because 15 minutes late to me is still on time......

Q: When can you start calling your high school teachers by their first names?

A: Or do they even have first names?

Q: If I love TV shows about high school does that mean I'm immature?

A: If you said yes, then you obviously have never watched Gossip Girl OR The Vampire Diaries because there is some seriously, for real, real life drama.

Q: What is it about salty and sweet that tastes so good together?

A: Examples: Popcorn and Milkduds, Ritz Crackers covered in Chocolate, Peanuts and Ice Cream.

Q: How can you be a "Facebook stalker" if all of the information is right there for you?

A: Stalking implies that I am searching for the information, but most of it is right there in plain sight.

Q: At what age are leggings and pig tails considered no longer age appropriate?

A: Because I for sure still rock them on a daily/every-other-daily basis.

Q: And finally, When am I a crazy stage mom? Is it before I put my three year old in competitive dance? Or after I let her wear makeup out of the house whenever she wants?

A: You know what? On second thought don't answer that.

And there you have it. Some of the world's most profound and unanswered questions.

Or at least my most profound and unanswered.


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