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So... Do you like the new layout? I am loving it. It feels like my space now. Not MySpace. But My very own space on the Internet. That's right. The Internet.

I have had a very productive morning. Maybe I'm getting used to this whole up and early thing after all. Then again, my eyes feel like there are millions of needles hiding behind my eye lids and my brain feels like it is soaking in a pot of potato soup. You heard me, potato soup. :) Anyways.

Back to my To Do List. Or as it sits right now, My Already Done List. Holla.

The girls have had breakfast. The trash is taken out. All except the diapers, which are in the girl's room, where Scarlett is still sleeping. The refrigerator is cleaned out of all leftovers (No matter what time of day this happens, it always feels like a huge accomplishment, especially when three or four of the Tupperware had begun growing leftovers of their own). And the dishes are done and the dishwashers running. AND I've already started my blog, all before 9:00 AM.
Oh, and our taxes are done.

I mean, well, Zach did them last night. But the simple fact that they are already done and filed, I mean come on, that is a huge accomplishment! Plus, we are like way ahead of the game here. It's not even the end of January yet. Wow.

Now on to something of a different tone. I have decided to write about something serious once a week. I was really going to refrain from doing this because as we all now I can be somewhat of a passionate bleeding heart and I didn't want to cram my sentiments down anyone's throat. Also, Zach told me that it was only a matter of time before my blog became a political soap box. And in my attempt to prove the man that I love most in the world wrong, dead wrong, deader then dead wrong, I had decided not to write about real issues. I just wanted to do something fun.

But that's not who I am.

I mean, it is who I am, I love to have fun and joke around. And we all know my sarcasm is my number one way of communication. But I also have feelings. And thoughts. And opinions on the world. As I remind my husband and his friends often, I really am smart. Well, I at least am not a total airhead.

In the interest of not turning my blog into a political soap box like I have been warned against, I will do my best, and by that I mean I will really, really try hard to keep my mouth shut, but eventually you can expect a tangent of some kind or the other. But today we will skip over health care, and cap and trade, and distribution of wealth, and socialism, and communism and all other topics that get me fired up in the crazy-eyes-wrath-of-fury kind of way and focus on what's really been weighing on my heart. And that is Haiti.

I don't know if I'll be able to type this without sobbing hysterically. But since I like to keep the fact that I actually have emotions a secret, maybe a not so kept secret, but a secret all the same, I will not alert you when it happens.

Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Haiti who had 9,000,000 people before the earthquake. 80% of those people lived below the poverty line. 54% of those people lived in abject poverty, meaning hopeless, miserable and without chance of improvement.

That was before the earthquake. That was before the catastrophic tragedy that struck down their island country.

The death toll is still climbing. The death toll estimates say possibly 200,000 dead although the true count may never be known. The only relief efforts possible are minimal survival needs. Every one was effected. Everyone. And they have nothing to rebuild. Nothing to evacuate with. They had nothing before the earthquake and today what is left, those who are left, have less than nothing.

54% of Haiti before the earthquake was described as having no hope. Now, 100% of that same country is worse than hopeless. Worse than destitute. Worse than anything I can imagine.

The official religion of Haiti is Roman Catholicism and over 3/4 of the country was said to have practiced. Other religions practiced were Baptist, Protestant and Pentecostal. That almost sounds encouraging until you realize that more than 50% of the people attending those services also practice voodoo, and therefore really have no religion at all.

Most major infectious diseases before the earthquake were contracted through water and food. And according to the CIA website the risk level was high. Imagine now, after such a cataclysmic event how water and food would be effected. I suspect they are completely non-existent other than what the Red Cross and other relief organizations have brought in.

AIDS is another factor. Especially now. Especially in the wake of such a tragedy when there is no hope, a limited amount of help and disease and filth running rampant.

There is no place for the dead bodies. No place to bury the thousands upon thousands that are dead. The mass graves are overflowing with decaying bodies. Imagine how dangerous that is for the remaining victims. Imagine what it would be like to walk through the middle of utter destruction surrounded by rotting dead bodies, some of which might have been friends, family, cousins, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, mothers, fathers. Imagine the stench alone.

But really, we can't imagine can we? We have no idea the utter dispair those people live with. The living conditions they are enduring. Or the fear that is bound to haunt them.

Children left orphans. Mothers left widows. Fathers left childless. These people are alone. These people are helpless.

How can we help them? I don't have an answer. I don't know how to help them.

Money. Sure there is always money. But in the aftermath of a monumental disaster like this money is not enough. And money is never, ever guaranteed to get to the victims. Especially in an already poverty stricken country. Especially, when everyone has lost everything. No official is untouched. No, rich person, or criminal went untouched. The remaining population suffers equally, how can money ever be enough?

I'm not saying don't send money. But look for organizations you trust implicitly and who will be there directly using the money for the victims. Tragedy is one of the largest scams and get rich quick schemes. Look at Hurricane Katrina; and that happened in America, the wealthiest, most successful nation. Haiti does not even stand a chance. Those who are able, those who can, will exploit the efforts of those trying to help and in turn exploit those that need it the most.

Truthfully, I don't know how to help. I don't know what I can do other than pray.

Last night I broached the subject of adopting an orphan last night to Zach. If not adoption, then at least long term placement. I have to believe that restrictions and red tape will be relaxed for a little while, especially with the numbers of orphans is growing to a sickening amount. He's thinking about it. We're praying about it. I don't even know if it's possible. We certainly don't have the savings most adoptions require.

But my heart hurts for these people. My soul longs to do something, to help in some way.

Pray. That is all I am capable of now. But I believe that is enough. Unless God gives me a clear vision or purpose, I will pray. I will pray fervently and passionately.


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