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I just need to mention, first of all, that I am composing this an entire blog an hour and a half earlier then yesterday. It's my earliest blog yet. And I feel, something to be proud of! Ha.

Ok, it's no marathon. But it is part of my whole self renewal, self improvement, New Years Resolution thing.

And I mean like more encompassing then just this morning, this blog. It's like, you know, every blog, every morning. Is this making sense? No? Not to me either.

Let's start again. I've never actually done a New Years Resolution before. Well, that I can remember. I can't say I've never made one because I, truthfully, have the worst memory known to mankind. But if a resolution was ever made before then, more than likely, it lasted all of 15 seconds.

But this year. The real deal. I dove in head first. I resolved something. I resolved to give myself a make over or a start over or a....... do over? I resolved to improve myself body, mind and soul.

Body is easy. Although possibly needing the most work. It's easy to decide how to improve. Exercise, which I am, which I love. At one time in my life I think I was an athlete. Not anymore. Not yet. I'm working on it. Bob and I (Bob from the Biggest Loser, I have those DVDs), well Bob and I are working hard. Except for running. I think I've passed that phase in my life. And it was hard, very, very hard, but I've come to terms with it. (I hope you hear the sarcasm.)

I've also resolved to eat healthier. Eat the fruit that I buy for my children. Cook healthy and delicious meals, rather then just delicious. Give up pop.

Let me say that again. Give up pop. That one is the hardest. And it actually was painful to write. I love pop. I mean, I am a true addict. But besides the fact that I think Diet Coke destroyed my brain, specifically my memory, it's obvious it's not good for you. Just amazing. And I miss it. But if I haven't mentioned it before, this is a Resolution and therefore I am resolved to stick to my guns. But I dream about Diet Coke. I mean, come on, that is weird. Enough. I can't talk about it anymore.

Moving on. So Body. Easy. Mind? Is a little more difficult. I mean just because my lifestyle is kind of tailored around children, and by kind of, I mean completely. Not that they're not challenging. They are. Trust me. They're just not challenging in the, Oh I feel so much smarter at the end of the day, kind of challenging. They're more like the what color is that?-do I have a name other then mommy?-d d d d d Dora, d d d d d d Dora-challenging. Which is fine, and wonderful, and I wouldn't have it any other way blah, blah, blah.

But I need something to save my Diet Coke damaged brain.

Enters the blog. I might not be furthering my intelligence. We all know I'm not writing down rocket science or discovering a cure for cancer. But I am focusing my thoughts, something that doesn't happen often. If you've ever tried to have a conversation with me, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

I also have a GRE book. You know the study book you use before you take the Grad School Test? Yes, I have one of those and I am studying it. I haven't decided what exactly I would do in Grad School yet, so for now I'm just studying. But I love to study. I do. I love everything about school and homework and taking tests. So, it feels good to open a book up and not have a colorful picture pop out at me, but see big words and even math problems. Yes, even math problems. I am such a nerd, it's embarressing.

I finally decided to read leisurely something besides fiction. That is a big step for me. I love love. And I love reading about love. And so I stepped away from Young Adult Fiction and found a book to teach me something. Yes Young Adult Fiction, because Adult Fiction is way too graphic for me and I am just not that mature. But it doesn't matter now anyways. I'm learning when I read for fun. Because like those commercials learning is fun.

Finally my soul, which consequently needs the most work. I feel fulfilled for the most part. With such an amazing family it's hard not to. There is so much love in my little family, I am so blessed. It's the other aspects. My quiet time. My meditation. My attitude, and thoughtfulness for others. Because let's face it. I'm not the easiest person to be friends with, or want to be friends with. I can be caddy. There I said it. Full blown honesty. Ha. That was a joke, because we all know I can be much worse then caddy.

So I've resolved all of this. Quite the task list. More like Mount Kilimanjaro then a task list. But whatev. We've already started. With this blog. Right now. Might as well consider it done.

Or not.

But at least I'm on my way.


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