Give It Away Now!

Give it away... Give it away... Give it away now.

I think I've decided the new goal of my blog is to get old songs stuck in your heads!!! For days. Months even. :)

Just kidding!!!

The truth is, whenever I run a giveaway, that song actually get's stuck in MY head!!! And I'm left to deal with it.

So now I'm sharing with you, so that I don't have to be alone! Ha!!


This blog is actually super exciting and not supposed to be all about my random ramblings. I promise there is a point!

At least to this one!

I don't know if you've noticed on my social media outlets, but I've been trying to do more giveaways!! I really, truly, honestly LOVE giveaways. I just love offering you all something you might want or want to share with a friend or just show you how much I appreciate you.

In the past, I haven't done as many, because... let's be honest, I don't have my life together. In any way. I would always forget to send the prize out or write it down or I'd send it to the wrong person. Or send you the completely wrong gift... I mean, for real, I am just a hot mess all around.

But over the last year, my kids have gotten just a teency weency bit older. I don't really have a baby anymore. My youngest is three and this month, my oldest will turn nine! I mean, that's HUGE for my family.

I can't even tell you how huge!

Just know that the day I stopped having to cut up everybody's pizza into bite size squares, was one of the most momentous days of my life.

And with that, I'm not even kidding.

Now if I could only potty train my three-year-old... we might be really getting someplace!


I'm a little more on top of these things these days... I mean, don't expect anything to happen exactly "on time." But once I was almost nine months late in sending out signed books.

Nine months.

Thankfully my readers are some of the most gracious people on the planet and they were very generous to me.

But seriously...

The moral of this story??? Be on the lookout for more giveaways!!!!!

Staring with today! I posted about it last week, but I'm not sure it made sense so I'm going to explain it a little bit!!!

I'm calling it The Book Trailer Giveaway!!!!!

And yes, it needs that many exclamation points. Because... the winner of this giveaway will receive ALL SEVEN STAR-CROSSED BOOKS SIGNED!!!!!!!!!!!


I know!!!

I'm super excited about it!!!!

All you have to do is come up with a book trailer for the Star-Crossed Series. It doesn't have to be film-school worthy or all that detailed. I am just looking for a short little video that takes up all of two minutes(or less!!) and shares your favorite quotes, favorite music, favorite pictures... favorite WHATEVER about the Star-Crossed Series!!!! Put it together in a trailer and either upload it to YouTube and link me to it OR post it directly to Facebook and I can watch it through there!!! (Although if you put it on YouTube then other people can find it and watch it too!!!)

I'll choose my favorite and announce the winner March 1st!!!! So basically you have up until the second I announce it to get your entries in!!!!

You can even make more than one video and give yourself more chances to win!!!!

I know this is super daunting for some of you, but have no fear!! There are actually super simple websites that make the trailer-making-process user friendly and fun!!!

I'm going to give you three. Feel free to check them out or work your own magic! (PS, Animoto is my fave!!!)




So there you have it!!! Just make something showing your love for the Star-Crossed Series and you could win signed paperbacks of Reckless Magic, Hopeless Magic, Fearless Magic, Endless Magic, The Reluctant King, The Relentless Warrior and The Redeemable Prince!!!!

Told you it was exciting!!!!

Haven't started the Star-Crossed series yet??? Check out the first book for FREE!!! And find out what all the buzz is about!

Reckless Magic for Amazon:
Reckless Magic for Barnes and Noble:
Reckless Magic for iBooks:
Reckless Magic for Kobo:


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