Monday and Such


I took the weekend off. Like all the way off. And it felt amazing. I won't lie.

But now I'm hard at work today!! And so excited to be back at it.

Sometimes I go through serious writer's block when I'm working on a project. Even if it's something I love. But I happen to be in a very good place with every project right now. Which is awesome!!

Maybe too awesome though, since I have  more projects started than I know what to do with.

However, The Redeemable Prince gets first priority.

Which means you will be getting another teaser this week!!! Yay!!!

And this Friday Fateful Magic releases!!!!!!!!

I'm a little in shock over that one. First, there have been so many more pre-orders than I expected!!! You guys are incredible! And I am just so amazed that you are dying for Lilly's story as much as I am to give it to you.

If you haven't ordered it yet... Pick it up HERE.

I'm going to try to coincide B&N's release at the exact same time... but I apologize in advance because probably they won't match up.

B&N is a fickle beast and I doubt they will cooperate exactly like I want them too.

But I am going to give it a serious try!

Second... the novella is already finished and uploaded!!! WHAT??? That never happens to me. I'm NEVER early! I feel a little lost honestly... but mostly I feel amazing about it. I think I like this feeling a lot. I think I'm going to replicate it more often in the future. :)

Also, a bunch of my books have been re-edited and re-uploaded. You should be getting either an email or an option to update your copies soon. Hopefully, they will notify me and I can make another announcement.

But books like The Rush, Heir of Skies and Love and Decay One-Six and Volume One!

So.. that's exciting!!!

Volume One is almost available in print too!!! I'm just waiting on the full wrap and then I'll order my proof! Gosh.. so excited to get this one Live!! I can't wait for it.

I can't believe all these print books lately. I put it off for so long! But it feels so great to have them all available.

Speaking of....

The Starbright Series is all ready to go!

I'll give you those Amazon links but I think they'll eventually be available on Barnes and Noble and everywhere else too!!!

Heir of Skies in Print

Heir of Darkness in Print

Heir of Secrets in Print

And I just have to say.... they are absolutely gorgeous in real life!!! I pretty much can't stop staring at them!

So get them now and then bring them to Penned Con with you on September 12-13th in St. Louis!!!! I'll be at my first public signing! I'm going to have a table and everything!! Woot!!

I'm so nervous I could die.


I've been putting this off FOR YEARS. For years.

That's not a lie.

I've even managed UtopYA twice without getting a table.


Put me in a room with hundreds of people and ask me to give a speech on the fly and it would be no problemo.

Sit me down at a table and ask me to sign one book???? I feel like I'm going to puke. Right this second.

No judging me for sloppy handwriting or writing something unbelievably corny on your book!!! And especially no judging when I have to ask you to spell your name six thousand times and still can't remember! When I get nervous I can't even remember how to spell my own name!

True Story.

Once I signed my maiden name because I was so nervous for something. (I can't remember what now.) But the point is, I had been married for seven years...


Still, I can't wait to see everyone who's going!! And sign your book with the wrong name. :)

Hope you're having an awesome Monday!!!! See you on Wednesday for Writer Wednesday!!!!

It's going to be a good one this week!

Just as soon as I figure out what to write about.

Sidenote: I just read over this blog. There are so many exclamation points, I don't even know what to do with them. Hopefully, they helped wake you up today... Otherwise... sorry?


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