Hello Again!

Hello!!!! So... it's officially been forever..

I mean. Forever. Since I blogged.

Last weekend/week Zach and I took a little trip for our 9th anniversary and it messed up my whole work schedule! Which is what trips are supposed to do, I think.

Anyway, between getting caught up around the house, meeting my writing goals and then celebrating a two year old's birthday, I just never quite found the time to blog.

But here I am today! Hooray!!!! :)

And I have bunches and bunches of announcements. Why?? Because it's Monday. And that's what I do apparently. And then I wanted to show you pictures of our trip, but I am positive pretty sure that my computer hates me and I can't get the photos to upload and so I just put a bunch up on instagram. You can find them there!! I will enlist Zach to fix my computer later and then I'll show them to you a different day.

I know you can't wait for them. Just kidding.

So, first, the Starbright Series is going on a blog tour this week. Be prepared for tons and tons and tons of posts from me. I apologize in advance. I subscribe to the less is more approach for marketing, but apparently that doesn't sell books... So anyway, I know that repetitive posting can get irritating. I know this because I get irritated with myself... But, it's just for one week. So please stay with me! ;)

The good news through this all is that I'm going to be doing daily giveaways and giving you tons and tons of chances to win personalized posters, t-shirts, signed print books and more!!!! So yay for that!!!!!! Stay tuned into my author page so you know when to enter and can get your name in in time!!!

Second, the Starbright Series hit a little snag going to print and it took me way longer than I thought it would. However, I'm finishing it up TODAY. And will order my proof copies TODAY. And as soon as I approve those, it will be for sale in print!!! Woot woot!!!!! I also did almost a complete overhaul of Heir of Skies, so that update will be available to you soon. I had it edited again. And it's just... so. much. better. So much. So much.

I also got the first round of L&D edits back!!!!! So, as soon as I get the Starbright Series finished up and ready to go, then I'll start working on those. I'm thinking Volume One will be available in print by the end of next week. I think. I hope... Keep your fingers crossed.

And third... Heir of Skies is FREE today!!!!!!!!!! Just to coincide with the start of the blog tour!!! So if you haven't read it, get it now!!!!! While it costs you nothing!! Those are my favorite things to buy. The free things.

Here is the Link. Heir of Skies on Amazon

I feel like there's more to tell you... But I can't remember!

Except that I miss Love and Decay!!! December is starting to feel really far away... I've had a little Zombie obsession of late and I think it's because I need more Reagan in my life. And I definitely need more Parker brothers.

In the meantime, I'm working on The Redeemable Prince!! And I'll have a teaser for you tomorrow!!!



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  1. All of that sounds awesome!!

    Im totally with you on december feeling so far away!! Im missing me some L&D, and of course the parker brothers!!

    <3 Nyssa