Heir of Secrets!!!

So have you read it??? It's been a whole twenty-four hours!

Just kidding!!!

But seriously, it's LIVE!!!!!!! And I am so very excited about this book and for you to get it!

Yesterday was a little bit surreal for me.

It was probably the smoothest release day I've ever had.

I tell my writer friends that I am CURSED when it comes to releases.

You guys have no idea the nightmares I've been through. From uploading the wrong documents, to having formatting issues, like every time I use the word second, it appeared as sEcond.

What was that by the way???

That was probably one of the most bizarre things to ever happen. I certainly didn't type it that way. And I don't know how ALL of the seconds would have gotten changed. Also. I had no idea I used the word second so often.


Anyway. I've uploaded the wrong cover.

I've had site issues, where they would not cooperate and it took days for a book to go live.

One time Amazon was super goofy and categorized my book into super weird places. So for one whole weekend I was ranked number one in Psychological < Metaphysical and something blah blah blah. And also number one in Mental Health.

So... Yeah, pretty much I'm a renowned Amazon Bestseller! Just kidding! :)

The point is, I'm used to all these problems! Which is STRESSFUL!!! Especially when you think about how many titles I publish. I mean.. the novella series, makes my released book list large.

Yesterday, Heir of Secrets was my 46th published title.

I mean. I'm 30.

That's just crazy!

It's all the novellas. There are 26 of them with the boy povs and then you have to count in all the volumes and the omnibus and all that. So. It's not as big of a deal as it sounds.

But still.

Anyway, I spent the entire day yesterday waiting for the other shoe to drop. Or for a reader to message me and say, Um, this book is missing pages 100-300. Or something like that.

But that never happened! So, now I don't know whether to relax or get extra nervous! I'm a little spastic to say the least!

Hopefully, I will calm down. Especially because it was such an amazing day.

You guys are awesome.

Like seriously so incredible! I get teary-eyed just thinking about it!

Thank you so very much for downloading and reading not just Heir of Secrets but everything I've written! I just don't think I have enough words to tell you how grateful I am.

I say "thank you" a lot, and I always include the readers in the acknowledgments and so I feel like those words become just shruggable. You know? Like you hear them enough and they lose their poignancy. But I don't want that to happen. Ever.

When I say "thank you," I MEAN it. With everything that I am. Thank you so very much.

Whenever someone asks me about this, and how I like writing, I tell them it's the job that is beyond my dreams. Like, before, my mind was to finite to even imagine that this was a possibility. This is the dream of my dreams. And I don't know if you've ever just wanted something so much that you couldn't even believe it was possible. You know? It was too lofty, or too incredible.

This is that for me.

So when I say thank you, it really is from the very depths of me.

Anyway. Enough with the sappy stuff! :)

I'm going to post links in a second. There's just a few housekeeping things first!

It's not at Kobo, Sony or iBooks yet. But it's already processing through Smashwords to get there. So it won't be much longer!!

The Love and Decay Omnibus is not out yet. And I'm debating what to do with it. Here is why. Both seasons are going through editing and so it's easier for me to wait until Season Two is updated, then put everything together and start selling it. It's also probably more professional. (Not that I know much about that.) And, then you don't have to wade through bad editing anyway. You get a great version!

But I also know you want it.

So that's why I'm debating.

However, I will probably... wait until it's ready. That way you get the best version!!!!

Next week I'm going to do a big announcement about the Star-Crossed Novella coming out at the end of August! I'll give you the blurb and hopefully the cover!!!!

But right now... I'll tell you that the title is Fateful Magic. And it will feature Lilly and Talbott!!!!!

I'm so very excited to be writing from Lilly. Like, I can't even tell you. She has been with me as long as Eden has, but she's never gotten to be a prominent voice. So I love that. I just love giving her the microphone and letting her get her way.

It's been a long time coming! :)

It's kind of a Star-Crossed month!! I'm also diving into The Redeemable Prince today!!! That's my next big release coming out in September! And it features Sebastian. I am soooo excited to write this book too!

The Redeemable Prince will be the last in the Star-Crossed. At least for a while. I don't want to say I will never write another Star-Crossed again. But I'm closing it up for now. It's time. I've been working on these books since 2009. And I have a lot of other projects to pursue! But I will never say it's finished for sure, because I tried that once... and here we are! Still writing them!!!

The Fall and The Rush are going to be available in print THIS WEEKEND!!!! Woot!

The Starbright Series by the following weekend!!!

Ok. Anyway! That's a short little update!

There's more to come from me! I have a vlog I made yesterday and forgot to post. And Zach and I are going to do a podcast sometime, probably next week. We're going to talk about the publishing industry and all that good stuff. Also, last night, Lila Felix and I were on NALitChat last night!! We talked writing series and serials and what it's like to co-write with someone. So if you missed the broadcast, I will also post that for you!!

Ok... Here it is! Heir of Secrets!!!!!

Heir of Secrets for Amazon

Heir of Secrets for B&N



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  1. I love reading your blogs! I love your books and want to say thank you for your imagination and letting us be a part of it! :)

  2. I finished reading the book yesterday. Loved it. But now I'm really anoyed that I have to wait until next year to know what happens next.. arghh. Looking toward to your future releases and I'm really hoping that some of your series gets made into a movie..cuz that would just be awesome.

  3. Im reading it, trying to go slowly because have to wait another year for next one :) loving it so far : D

  4. Just finished it. I was taking it super slow and didn't want it to end. Ugggh February is way to far away! Loved this book even if it did take me on an emotional roller coaster.