Your First Seth Teaser!!!

Teaser Tuesday!!!!!!!

First, I should say that, As the World Dies came out today!!!!!!! Woot woot!!!

This is an anthology including the first installments of three serials. Love and Decay, Episode One. Forced Autonomy, Phase One. And Through Glass, Episode One.

This does not include any new material, so if you've read these, this would not be for you. However, if you have NOT read these, then this is a bargain for you and you should download it now!!!! :)

Here is the link.

As the World Dies for Amazon

I'm also doing another Loot Box giveaway this week!!! The goal is 75plus reviews for Starbright!!!! It's already to  61, so if you've read it, make sure you stop by to leave your review!! Then on Friday you can be entered into a chance to win a box full of goodies put together by me!!!!!!

Exciting, right?

Here is the link to make it super easy for you!!!!

Starbright on Amazon

Ok. Now. Finally!!!

Your first teaser of Seth from Starbright!!!!

Enjoy. :)

Seth flipped over my head with lightning fast speed and landed just on this side of safe. He blocked my retreat with his hulking body and I knew that I’d just majorly screwed myself.
If I had to, I could probably call for my mom. But I didn’t know the state Jupiter was in and there was a very stubborn part of me that seriously believed I could handle Seth.
Sure, he was bad. Sure, he was operating without a soul and no moral compass whatsoever to guide him. Sure he hated me as much as he loved me.
But this was Seth.
And he hated me a lot, which meant he loved me a lot, too.
I raised my swords again and assumed a battle-ready stance. “Move out of my way.”
“No,” he growled.
“What exactly is the plan here? Are you going to drag me back to your cave and keep me captive for the next forty-eight hours? Or take me home to meet Aliah and your sister? You can’t stop me from going, Seth. You might as well give up now.”
“And what would be so bad about my cave?” His grin was wicked while he pulled his sword from over his back. He prepared to fight me, with his stance wide and his sword lowered to hip-level in front of him. “We could have a lot of fun there, just the two of us.”
Even though I was so ready to stab him if I needed to, my stomach flipped with his insinuation. “Is that before or after you fillet me for the fun of it?”
“All you have to do is keep my Darkness distracted.” He took a step forward and ran the length of his blade against one of mine. “Something tells me that if I got you alone, you could manage to do that.”
I pulled the sword back and then let it clang against his. This wasn’t him. This wasn’t Seth coming on to me and flirting with me. This was the soulless version of him.
This was the part that didn’t actually care about me or our relationship. This was the part that wanted to use me or abuse me and would do both at the same time happily.
“I’m going to go home now.” I gave him another just barely aggressive clash of our swords and let the vibrations sink into my fingers and wrist bones.
“You can try,” he taunted. 


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  1. Oh i can't wait! i love Seth and so badly want him to come back from the "dark side"