Episode Six!!!

Episode Six went live last night!!!!!!!!

So if you haven't picked it up yet, get it now.

This is by far the most emotionally charged 20,000 words I have ever written. Like. Ever.

Well... Maybe not. The end of Hopeless was pretty bad. And also the Breathless novella where Eden relives Silas and Gabriel. And then in Sunburst at the end when Stella and Seth are fighting.

Oh, and the entire book of The Fall.

So... maybe it's not my most emotional work.

But it's pretty darn close.

It's definitely way up there at the top of the list!!!

So fear not. If you cried, you are not alone. And if you think you might cry, you are definitely not alone!

I sobbed through the whole thing.

Am I scaring you yet???

GOOD! Just kidding. Kind of. I will say this... I have never gotten this much angry feedback before! With Hopeless you just sent me notes begging me to fix that mess. With The Fall and Sunburst, I hear how heartbroken you are but no threats of physical violence. With Breathless I may get a frustrated, HOW COULD YOU DO THAT!!!

But with this episode... you are definitely telling me how much you hate me.

And you really hate me.

Like a lot.

Good thing I know you secretly mean you love me!

And if you don't secretly mean that.. then shhh... let me pretend.

The best part is, we're only half way through the second season!!!! You still have six more episodes to go! Are you ready for the rest of this?

Hope so. :)

So. Here are your buy links!! Ep 6 went live on B&N this morning!! Woot!!!!

Love and Decay, Season Two, Episode Six for Amazon

Love and Decay, Season Two, Episode Six for B&N


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