The YA Little Black Book!!!

I'm super excited to announce that Starbright is going into an INCREDIBLE young adult anthology!!!!!

I'm just so excited for this!!

And Starbright is just one of TEN amazing YA books that will be part of this anthology.

Like for real.

Ten FULL LENGTH books for .99!!!!!!!!!

By amazing and talented authors. Like, Quinn Loftis, Shelly Crane, Lila Felix, AM Hargrove, Cambria Hebert, Jamie Magee, Julia Crane, Amber Garza and Michelle Leighton! I mean, these are NY Times Bestsellers, USA Today Bestsellers and Amazon Bestsellers!!! I am in seriously good company.

And a little intimidated. :)

You guys. This book! How can you not go run out and grab it?? I will by it for MYSELF. Not even kidding. :)

The name of the anthology is The YA Little Black Book and it will be yours April, 4th, 2014!!

Get ready for it. And all the awesomeness that goes along with it.


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