Caedus Design Co.

Usually Monday is announcement day in which I get you caught up on everything going on.

Well, today I'm making an announcement, but it's a SUPER exciting one!!!!!

My husband, Zach, is launching a design company for indie authors!!!!!!!!!


It's called Caedus Design Co.

And it's going to be spectacular. :)

Ok, I have to say that because I'm his wife. But it's also true.

He's been doing my covers for a while, and I love each and every one of mine.

The whole idea for him to take his talent into a service offered to the public came out of my whole journey in the indie publishing industry. And also out of interest in his covers. Up until now, he's only done them for me, but there was enough interest that we thought we would open this up to other authors.

What you should know about this is that it's not going to be expensive and it's not going to be impossible to get a cover made.

Two things that I, personally, have struggled with as an author is being able to afford a cover and getting a cover done on time when I forget to book an artist far enough out.

The first problem is what I struggled with first. When I released Reckless Magic, I knew no one in the industry, had no skill of my own and no knowledge of stock images and their web sites. I'm not even sure that would have helped me back then. Believe me when I say, I'm not the cover art talent here, it's all Zach.

On top of that, I didn't have the kind of bank account that I could invest with.

So we traded yard work (Zach used to run the lawn care side of a landscape company) for my first four covers. And mostly, I think Pat did them for me because he is a long time family friend. :)

I know how unaffordable things can be when you haven't even made any money on your book yet. I get it. And that's why we are determined to keep our costs low. And I mean really low.

This company is for the true indie author just starting out. It's not designed to help NYT Bestsellers and authors that have long standing relationships with other cover artists. This is for the debut novelist and/or the author that needs to invest their money elsewhere but still wants a beautiful cover.

The second problem for me is that I can NEVER remember to get a cover done ahead of time. Not ever. I am last minute with every single thing in my life. Sometimes I can make this work, but most of the time it's a huge thorn in my side. And covers are no different. I have worked with some of the most talented cover artists in the country. I really mean that. And they have given me incredible jaw-dropping work. But they also need at least six months advanced notice with payment. And I can't even remember what I'm doing tomorrow, let alone six months from now.

So Zach is offering a no-future-booking benefit with Caedus. You don't have to book six months, four months, one month out. If you need a cover done that month, he is going to do everything he can to give it to you.

He's catering to people like me and I just love him all the more for it!!!!

Caedus Design Co. will also include author branding (Finding a brand that works for you and applying it to all of your social media sites and/or books), Facebook banners, promo pics and website and blog detail work.

He's truly amazing.

And I know you will think so too.

So here are the links.

Caedus Design Co., Website

Caedus Design Co., Facebook Page

Check out his work on the website and Like him on Facebook!!!!


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