Breathless Magic is LIVE!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day today!! Even if you don't have any romantic plans for the evening, I hope you're surrounded by love from family and friends!! Because that's what the day is really about. It's about celebrating Love in ALL its forms!!! And we have so much of it in this world. In those we share this life with and in ourselves.

And know that I love you!!!!!!!

Ok. Enough mush. :)

My gift to you this Valentine's Day... Breathless Magic IS LIVE!!!! On all sites. Except iBooks. So sorry Apple users. But you can always download the FREE Kindle app!! :)

It's actually part of a larger anthology of Valentine's novellas!! So check them ALL out. I know these are some of your favorite authors!!

I had just the best time getting back in Eden's head for this novella!!

If I'm honest, I was actually kind of dreading it when you all voted for her. I thought a Lilly and Talbott novella would be so much more challenging to write. Or any of my other couples that aren't completely together yet would have been more fun.

And by fun, I mean angsty... which is what I live for.

But then I got into Eden's head and it was like going home.

Sometimes I worry that all my characters are the same, that they're just versions of each other thrown into differing circumstances.

This novella proved to me that they not only all have their own, individual personalities, but they might actually be living, breathing, real-life people.

If only I was kidding. :)

But Eden is definitely her own woman and I am just the scribe that writes down her life. And I love every minute of it.

It's kind of wonderful to write about an established couple that's married. There aren't boundaries I have to worry about crossing or a love that needs to be propelled forward. They are comfortable with each other, know each other to the last ounce of their souls and simply live for the other one.

They're happy. They're content. And even with a little bit of danger their feelings for each other are solid and forever.

They're just amazing. And they are by far my favorite couple.

So thank you for wanting them back! And for voting for their novella. I loved giving them more life and I loved even more giving you guys the chance to revisit them and see how they've moved on and matured!!!

I hope you love this novella as much as I do!! I'll post the cover and some links to make it easy for you!!!!!!

Breathless Magic for Amazon

Breathless Magic for Barnes and Noble

Don't forget that Love and Decay, Episode One of Season Two released last week!!!!!

And here are all the links for the other novellas!!!

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Shelly Crane's Consequence (A Significance Novella) for Barnes and Noble

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Lila Felix's Heart Breaker (An Anguish Novella) for Barnes and Noble

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