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Monday Monday.

Oooh oooh.

Monday Monday.

Or something like that!

It's a gorgeous Monday here. And my kids slept over at my mom's last night so I actually got a full night's sleep without anybody waking me up in the middle of the night!!

Half way through my first cup of coffee, I've already showered and put makeup on. Plus, breakfast is in the oven!!

Just the fact that I'm actually eating breakfast should tell you something. I have life long morning sickness symptoms. It's probably why when I was first pregnant I didn't think anything about puking first thing in the AM. My entire body, mind and soul rejects most anything before 10. It's just the way I'm wired.

Believe me when I say I would like for that to be different. It's really obnoxious.

Plus, think about all those hours I miss out on getting things done! (I'm just a touch of a work-aholic. I blame my mother's side of the family) I hate not being a morning-person. So today I'm feeling good about getting up and getting right to things.

I'm looking forward to my body aging enough that I can cut back on sleep. It's so inconvenient. Yet, it's something I really love to do... How is that for messed up??

And before you think this is entirely about me just wanting to work. I would also like to get up early for my kids sake. I'm not the nicest person before the daily caffeine injection. And our mornings are CRAZY!!!!! Plus, my kids are perpetually late for school... It's something I don't even understand. Like we're UP. The kids get up early so therefore I get up early. I'm just useless once I'm up. I swear I go into a standing coma until ten minutes before we have to walk out the door and then it's all rush, rush, rush.

And then my kids never want a messy bun (They hate them for some bizarre reason... maybe because I live my life with them?) and so I have to actually brush their hair! Honestly, what's that about?? And then I'm shoving them out the door, usually with breakfast in hand and we're screeching to a halt in front of the school building whilst I look like I just escaped a 19th century insane asylum after a round of electric shock therapy and school started ten minutes ago.

See? If I could just embrace the mornings, I could end some of our suffering.

Probably not the looking like a crazy person thing... but all the other stuff.

It's the hair. I blame the hair.

Anyway, guess what I'm doing today????


Well, alright... realistically, I won't write THE END until tomorrow... but that's just wrap up. And there's only so many words you can fit into one day. Today is the big day for me.. the big finale.

Oh geez, I'm so excited. I'll talk more about this book after I finish it. But when I call this a Labor of Love.. I mean it in every single sense of the word.

This book was Labor. Ok, if this book makes any money you should know that I really, really worked for it. And it's also Love. I both love this book and ALL the characters so very much that my heart actually feels full.

And You guys have been waiting for it for so very long. I cannot wait to put it in your hands.

Also, in case you missed the announcement on my Facebook Page. I am involved with six other authors in a Valentine's Day Anthology.

Basically, this means that we're all writing novellas and then promoting together. They are separate,so you buy them individually, but chances are you're already fans of all these authors because they are just amazing and talented ladies.

Anyway, my novella is going to feature Eden and Kiran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The novella will be set in the time line of the last three Star-Crossed books that I'm writing now. So, after they're married.

And the title of the book is Breathless Magic.

I cannot wait to show you the cover! Gah! I'm just excited about this one.

I'm a little surprised by that. I thought I was completely done writing their story... but now that I have a little plot for them, I honestly can't wait to give it to you.

So that will come out on Valentine's Day!

Just in case you're confused... my current release order is: The Relentless Warrior (End of January), Love and Decay, Episode One- Season Two, February 7th and then Breathless Magic, February 14th.

And then for The Rush fans... The Fall will come out at the end of February!!!!

Firelight is still on schedule for March.

After all of that, I'm taking a big break from full lengths for a bit. Whew. You can check out my Upcoming Releases page for an updated and exact schedule. Love and Decay will go on as scheduled, but as we get close to the end of the school year and summer... I just know how little time I have to devote to writing, so I want to plan accordingly and not worry about getting behind with deadlines.

So there's all that!!! Hope you're having a wonderful Monday!


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