The Relentless Warrior Is LIVE!!

Can I have your attention please???

Thank you. :)


Woot woot!!!

I cannot wait for you to read it. I just can't. Like, really, I know it's only been an hour, but why hasn't anyone finished it yet???

Just kidding.

Kind of...

This is just one of those stories that will stick with me forever. Like the whole experience of writing it. It was by far one of the hardest things I've ever done. I'm putting it right up there with child birth.

Yes, I am.

As a writer, you rely on a "muse" of sorts... that inspiration to push you through a story. And with Jericho, my muse died. She died a horrible, painful, catastrophic death of epic proportions.

Sounds awesome right? You can't wait to read this book???

But the thing is... I love Jericho so very much. And his story was really important to me.

So much so that I stressed myself OUT. Like way out.

It took me over a year to write this story.

Unlike Sunburst, where I just couldn't "find" the story. With Sunburst, it took me forever to write it but I wasn't actively writing it the entire time. I just shelved it and kept shelving it. Then, once the story snapped into place for me, I think I finished it in four weeks or something like that.

TRW is an entirely different beast. That story dragged itself out of me, with fingernails digging into the carpet and flailing appendages that would knock you out if you got to close.

There were countless times my finger hovered over the delete button. And even more when I felt like bursting into tears.

But I couldn't be prouder of this story. I really am just amazed and awed that it came together. And I'm blown away that I don't only love this story but feel like I gave Jericho the happily ever after he absolutely deserves.

I proved myself wrong when I assumed that Olivia would just "do" for him but I'd never fall in love with her too. Because I do love her. And I love their story more.

So, anyway, those are my moments of pure, undiluted honesty that you can thank the three hours of sleep I got last night for.

I truly hope you enjoy this book.

I cannot wait to hear what you think.

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  1. I have read the Star-Crossed series probably about four times now and have been DYING to get my hands on Relentless Warrior. I downloaded it this morning and literally just finished it (way past my bedtime of course). As I lay here basking in the beautiful aura of Jericho and Olivia's life changing relationship, I can honestly say that you, my friend, have outdone yourself! The first 5 books are all fantastic, but Relentless Warrior is so moving, so raw, and so unexpected. I absolutely loved it. Jericho is my new favorite male character in the series! I became attached to the other characters, Kiran and Eden, Talbott and Lilly, Avalon and Amelia, even Sylvia and Ileana, and I was a little sad when their stories ended. I was so happy that you included them in Relentless, continuing with enough of their life's goings-on to leave me satisfied. The other books left you hanging in some sort of way, but this one wrapped things up perfectly, leaving me feeling content and not wanting to tear my hair out and demand more! Thank you so much for this series; I enjoyed these books immensely and am positive that I will be coming back to them again and again. I will definitely be recommending them to my friends and other avid readers like myself.