Teaser Tuesday!!!

Today marks my 600th blog post!!

Woot woot!!

That's just so much blogging!!! Apparently I had a lot to say. :) What's interesting is that I didn't even start blogging about books and what not until about halfway through. So the first 300 of those are all random ramblings.

Ah, the good old days.

Sure, the good old days, when I made no money and was convinced I was a failure. :) I kid, I kid.

Anyway, I'm celebrating 600 blogs with a TEASER!!! For The Relentless Warrior!!

This is from Olivia.

I had just decided to take my chances with the Great Wall of Weirdville when the stone-door swung open and a tall, tattooed guy with longish hair and a crown poked his head out. He looked up the incline and then back down to me with the most confused expression on his face. His golden crown tilted sideways on his head and he rubbed a finger under his earlobe with a look of pure consternation mingled with mild amusement.

“Are you trying to break in?” he demanded in perfect English.

I didn’t know why I expected an accent or a different language, but whatever the reason, I definitely didn’t expect him to be an American.

“Break in?” I laughed. “More like break out!”

His eyebrows furrowed and he stared down at me, waiting for more. I hauled myself into standing and brushed the snow off my legs and frozen butt.

“I’m not breaking in; I’m just trying to get back in. My sister’s in there. I need to go see if she’s alright.”

“You’re sister?” Crowned guy glanced back at the gardens behind him and then to my face again.

“Ophelia Taylor,” I explained with forced patience. “The human.”

“She’s not your sister.” He shook his head, sounding adamant.

“Pretty sure she’s my sister,” I huffed and took a few steps toward the door.

“But she’s human,” the guy answered obstinately.

“I just told you that!”

He shook his head slowly and then said, “But you’re not human.”

“Oh geez.” I looked around for Jericho but he hadn’t appeared yet. “Who are you?”

“You first,” he demanded.

I dropped my head into my hands and shouted out a muffled, “Jericho!”

“Jericho?” crowned guy said. “You’re Olivia!” He snapped his fingers together and a slow, mischievous grin tilted his lips.

He looked completely different now. Where one might have found him intimidating before, or at the very least, surly, now he was handsome- ridiculously so. He had bright green eyes, perfectly olive-toned skin and dark, black hair. He was well built, but overly casual. Even the maintenance guys in the ballroom had been dressed nicer than him. The crown on his head hinted that he was possibly the other king Jericho had briefly mentioned, but something about this guy made the idea of him ruling a kingdom sound like a corny joke.

He also reminded me of someone… but at the moment I couldn’t remember who.

“I’m Olivia,” I confirmed with a tight-lipped smile. “Now can I please go inside?”

“Is that Jericho chasing you?” the guy gestured with his chin over the rise of the hill.


“And he pissed you off in some way?”

“You’re very perceptive.” I intoned dryly.

His roguish smile grew and something wicked glinted in his eyes. “And you’re welcome to enter now.” He stepped out of the way and made a sweeping grand gesture with his arm.

“Uh, thanks.” I stepped past him and jumped when the door slammed shut behind me. I shot him a look over my shoulder, but he was concentrated on the lock. “Jericho was right behind me.”

“Sure, sure,” he finished whatever he was doing with the lock and looked up at me.

“Did you lock him out?” This was so confusing.

“No,” he answered quickly and then amended, “Not permanently. He’ll be able to get back in… eventually.”


“I’m Avalon,” the guy introduced himself with an outstretched hand. “I’m the king. Or one of them at least.”

“Hi,” I shook his hand and jumped at the pulse of electricity beneath his skin. “I’m the human. Or one of them at least.”


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  1. I'm so excited can't wait for TRW to come out I absolutely love Jericho!!!!

  2. I can't wait to read TRW!!!! This is my favorite series! I really think you have a way with writing where the reader can enter the book!