Free Book!!!

Good morning!!!!!!

I just finished the dishes and my hands are all pruney. That doesn't really have anything to do with anything. But I thought you might want an update on my skin situation.


Anyway, I know I haven't done a blog in forever! But life has been crazy lately!! And nothing to do with books. Every November I'm always surprised at how busy we get leading into the holidays. It always sneaks up on me. I should know better by now. But, alas, I don't.

Actually I live my whole life in this kind of state of surprise. It's obnoxious. And blissful. All at the same time.

So I'll blog more tomorrow.. but I'm working to finish up L&D so I want to get back to it. They're in this point of the story that I just HATE to leave.

I need to know what happens!!

Oh, what? You thought I actually planned these out??? :) Just kidding.

Kind of.

I'm getting off track again.

I wanted to let you know- in case you didn't- that Bet in the Dark is currently FREE!!!!!!!

And it's hanging out in the top 100 of Amazon's free store! Woot woot! It's like #41 or something right now. Which is incredible!!

So here are your links to download!! I mean, it's free. Why not?? :) Hope you all enjoy!!!!!

Bet in the Dark for Amazon

Bet in the Dark for B&N


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  1. When is "The Fall" coming out? It was supposed to be out last month. I hope everything is ok.

  2. Oh, abd thanks for the free book! XD

  3. Rachel I just found your books in September (Restless Magic) and got hooked. Read all the way through The Reluctant King and was shocked to discover the next one wasn't out yet. While impatiently waiting to find out what happens to Lily, more on Edens pregnancy, problems with Jerico and the humans at the Citadel, and the situation between Sebastian and Seraphina, I decided to start Love and Decay. I became equally hooked on it. I completed episode 10 last Saturday and am now impatiently waiting to find out how Reagan's night with Kane changes her feeling for him and how it affects her relationship with Hendricks. I have chosen to avoid starting anything else because waiting impatiently on 2 different books has been difficult when it was so enjoyable to be able to follow book to book and episode to episode so far. You have a new fan, waiting impatiently.