Newest Weekend Releases!

So recently I have been TERRIBLE at this whole blogging thing. Let's be real.

I've been worse than terrible.

And even worse at vlogging... But I don't want to talk about that. It stresses me out.

I have updated the Upcoming Releases page though. So it should help you if you are confused about what's coming up.

I'm going to have a major release for you VERY soon. Like. Seriously. Soon.

But until then... you need to be reading Love and Decay!!!!

Ok, here is what. I know a LOT of you are afraid of the Zombie thing. You don't like Zombies. You don't have any desire to read about Zombies. You are just not at all into it.

And I completely get that.

This whole series was my husbands idea. And when he was first like, "I think you need to write a novella series about Zombies."

I LAUGHED at him. I thought it was ridiculous!!! When I first got into self-pubbing, I was very inspired by Amanda Hocking and her success. And at that time she was just writing her first Zombie book and I was like, oh my gosh, seriously who wants to read about Zombies?? That is gross. And not cool. And I'm so not interested.

Obviously I've never read what she had to say about them.

But..... as much as I wanted to shrug off Zach's idea of this series, the seed was planted and the plot was being developed before I could stop myself- which is usually my problem. :)

Anyway, since the very first episode I have just been IN LOVE with this series!!! Honestly, it is some of my most favorite writing.


I love my heroine. Reagan. She is just everything I want/like/need/love/am obsessed with in female leads. And I don't hold back with her. I don't pigeon hole her into a personality. She is very much her own entity in my brain. I'm just recording the story that she is telling.

And I LOVE my boys in that book. If you haven't met Hendrix, Vaughan and Nelson yet you are so seriously missing out.

Then there's the secondary characters. Let me tell you. These people. Just. These people. You need to read about them!!!

See how much I love these books?? Do I ever make cases for why you should by my books??? Like written arguments??? No!!!


I don't really remember.

But I'm making one for this series. Because, it's honestly some of my best writing. And I can almost promise you will love it.

If not, the first episode is free, so what do you have to lose????

Episode Seven came out this weekend!! And then, I published the first six episodes as a compiled book!!!! It's only $3.99 so you're saving money by buying it that way! And you won't have to wait the standard two weeks for the next episode!!!! Well... until you finish it. :)

Nothing is up on B&N yet... they are having issues this weekend. I don't know what's going on.

But. Here are some Amazon links!!! Hope you like it. And I cannot wait to hear what you think!!!

Love and Decay, Episode Seven

Love and Decay, Volume One- Episodes 1-6


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