Ok. Let's chat.

Have a heart to heart.

A come to Jesus moment, if you will.

Sunburst.... obviously was not published last month. If you were uh, looking for it, it's not there.

I know. Believe me. I know.

Do you know that it's almost been a year since Starbright was published???

An entire year, and I'm not even close to finishing Sunburst.

Words cannot describe how terrible I feel about this. Truly, I feel awful. And so many of you are just dying for it. And I've been pushing it off.... working on other projects.

It's killing me.

I haven't even been able to find the time to write it lately. Which is so not good. The characters and plot and story arc are all just marinating up in my brain, taking up space and making me feel a little bit crazy.

They want OUT of my head.

And I want them out too.

That is no lie.

So, here's the problem. I'm working on a LOT right now. Like a ton. I have Love and Decay's coming out left and right. I'm co-writing a book that needs to be finished like this week. And let's not forget The Relentless Warrior is due out THIS month.

Yep.... I've got a lot going on.

And I'm mostly ok with that. But what I need, what I really, seriously need, is an actual writing cave. One that I can hide away in and has absolutely no distractions, but still allows me to Google whatever I need.

FYI I Google a LOT. They probably have an entire room of files dedicated just to me and my googling concept of research...

Hopefully they never make any of that public. :)

So here is the good news. Sunburst WILL be out by September 15th. That will mark a year for Starbright.


It might be out earlier than that... but let's not get our hopes up, yeah?? :)

The Relentless Warrior will be out at the very end of this month. Striking will be out on September 1st and the Sunburst will finally release September 15th.


I have Love and Decays coming out August, 9th. August 23rd. September 6th and September 13th in the meantime.

Yeesh. Get ready... that is a lot of reading material from me.

Hope you don't get sick of me in the meantime!!!!

I know you're disappointed Starbright fans that Sunburst hasn't released yet... but it will be worth the wait. I promise!!!!

And now you have a concrete release date.

Hope that clears up all your questions!!!! 


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  1. so excited for Relentless Warrior!!!!

  2. It's okay doll, we forgive you!!! I cant wait for Relentless Warrior!! I am a Starcrossed series junkie... Well you know that already... hahaha... Good luck my friend. You really need it. I will fly all the way across the planet just to come give you a hug and support you. And watch the kids so you can write. Lol...

  3. As long as you have books coming out, I can wait for Starburst! I absolutely LOVE your writing and I keep finding myself laughing out loud at funny parts in Love & Decay!! I can't wait til Friday for the next episode!! Thank you for writing!!