Happy Monday!!!!

And today I'm not actually minding Monday. But it might have something to do with being on Summer Break so there was no rush out the door this morning, or dragging a kid kicking and screaming from bed.

We just got to relax. And I got to drink five cups of coffee.

Ok, it wasn't five, but it might be by the end of this morning.... So some things about Monday never change.

Anyway. Keeping with the theme of Announcement Monday.... I have another announcement!!!!!!

Are you ready?

I don't think you're ready.

For this jelly.

Just kidding!!! But now it's in everybody's head, right??? I don't think you're ready for this jelly, I don't think you're ready for this jelly....

Whoa. Focus.

The announcement:

The lovely Lila Felix and I have decided to co-author a book together!!!!!!!!

Ah! I'm so excited about this I could just scream!!!!!

We were texting some time last week and the idea was mentioned and quickly turned into one of the longest phone conversations I've ever had where we came up with a brilliant idea that has so much depth and backbone I just cannot wait to share it with you!!!!!

Lila is extremely talented and super easy to work with so I could not be more excited about this partnership.

The tentative release date is September 1st.

This is an important month for both of us!! It will mark Lila's first year of being an Indie Author and September is my favorite month to publish books because that is the month people actually started buying mine. :)

The genre is Contemporary YA.

I'm so thrilled for this! I just cannot even tell you.

This will not in any way interfere with our current or scheduled projects, it's just like a bonus!!

I'll share more details soon. Title, Cover, Teasers, they are all on their way!! So get excited people!!! 


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