Bet in the Dark Teaser #2

Teaser Tuesday!!! Isn't this everybody's favorite day of the week???

It's for sure mine.

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Ok, here is Teaser #2 from Bet in the Dark!!

Remember this is Contemporary NA and due out May 23rd!!!!

“You’re sneaky, Fin Hunter, I’ll give you that,” I admitted with narrowed eyes. “But I’m not going to fall for your stupid compliment-distraction-tactic again, so don’t even bother trying it. Now I really do need to talk to you about-“
“Ellie,” he interrupted, his voice lowered to a rumbling timber. “You can just call me Fin.”
“What?” I asked out of pure confusion.
“You can just call me Fin,” he explained, his voice maintaining that sexy sound, sending tingles to my very fingertips. “You just called me Fin Hunter. It’s the second time today you’ve used both my first and last name. Actually, you’ve never just said my first name alone. We’re business associates now; it’s Ok to call me just Fin.”
I cleared my throat feeling about as uncomfortable as I could. He was right; I hadn’t actually referred to him as just “Fin” yet. Even in my head I kept referring to him as Fin Hunter, as if he was this mystical creature I wouldn’t actually have to confront in real life…. like Santa Clause. Or Dracula. Or Johnny Depp.
The thought of calling him only “Fin” sent goose bumps skittering down my spine though. And I didn’t know why, or why it bothered me so much to be on casual terms with this guy. Maybe because he was this urban legend at school, or even in person he was so gorgeous, so out of my league I felt like I was speaking with a celebrity. But either way, none of that was true. Mostly, he was just an obnoxious bastard that wanted me to pay a debt I didn’t owe.
Ok, I could be confident about this, I could be strong.
“Alright, Fin,” I tried for casual, but I knew his name sounded forced and awkward on my tongue. Plus it didn’t help that I had to bite down on my bottom lip to keep from following up his first name with his last.
“See?” Fin smiled down at me. “That wasn’t so hard. It was actually kind of nice. You’ve got this soft, gentle voice; it’s actually kind of sexy.”
He leaned toward me and his eyes dropped to my mouth, which was, of course, hanging open. And that’s when I realized he was doing it again!
“Stop flustering me!” I demanded. At this rate I was never going to say what I needed to!
Fin broke out in a crooked, triumphant smile then, his gaze finding mine again. “But you’re so fun to fluster,” he admitted.
I let out a growl of frustration and watched as his smile grew. Brat.


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