The Rush Playlist

There are only ELEVEN days until The Rush is released!!


Only. Eleven!!!

I'm so excited to share this book. So excited.

Of course, at the same time I'm excited, I'm also terrified, nauseous and at this moment biting my nails. Which has never been a problem before.

But I suppose writing will do that to you. Oy.


To tide you over for these few short days between now and then you definitely need to check out the Pinterest page. It is my FAVORITE pinterest page ever. The pictures and people and places are literally so perfect I kind of just want to go ahead and make this book into a movie and cast all these actors.

You know, because I have that kind of clout.


So here is The Rush Pinterest Page!!

Also, if you're wondering, yes I DID cast Renesme as Ivy's little sister, Honor. But in my defense, she is absolutely gorgeous!!! Especially when she's not all CGI weird.

And then today I'm posting The Rush Playlist. Which is also my favorite playlist to date.

Probably because there's original music on it and all... but also because, let's get real, it's a fantastic playlist. (Disclaimer: One of the Mumford and Sons song says the F word.... So be careful if that bothers you. It's the first song, Broken Crown.)

Tomorrow I'll be posting the second to last teaser.

Oh my. I better make it a good one! :)

Ok, here it is!

The Rush Playlist


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