The Rush IS LIVE

So, I don't have much time because I've got to get a casserole to MOPS this morning....

But I just wanted to share that last night I hit published and The Rush went Live this morning!!!!!!

Thought I'd give it to you a day early! :)

I'll blog more about it later.

For now, here is the Amazon Link: The Rush

It's also live on Smashwords and will be very soon on B&N!!!

Enjoy! :)


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  1. Oh you nailed it dude...I devoured the whole thing in about 2hrs. All it took was that teaser frm Ryders POV...and it was hook, line & sinker. I can't stand the way some authors turn their boys in to estrogen overload pansy asses...completely unbelievable. But after getting a glimpse of what Ryder was like, I had to read the book. Good Job! My only complaint is that I dont have The Fall in my hands right now!

  2. P.S. thank you for all the teasers! How about another from Ryders POV...pretty pretty please?

  3. Oh Rachel! Why do you have to be a wife a mother and not an agoraphobic!! You should spend every waking moment writing!!! ( I'm a mom too, so I get the whole wanting to spend time with your kids, but still!) You are hands down my favorite writer, and I can't wait till you release more. I don't even care which series it's from! =)