Hammer Time

I have never been happier to get to a Sunday night in my life.

Thank you JESUS we are finally here. And we made it alive.

My kids are asleep. All four of them. They are even clean, and fed and were semi happy.

Although no kid is ever happy during bedtime. Plus, can we just talk about the fact that bedtime happens every night. Like, seriously EVERY night. Why are they always surprised??? Like they really woke up that morning and thought, Today is the day I will not have to go to bed!! Huhza! (Also I don't know if that's how you spell that... clearly there is too much Mike the Knight in my life.)

Anyway, that was off topic.

So, The Rush released Thursday...? Right? I'm not sure. The last few days have been a blur of constant activity. But The Rush released, then I had to clean an entire house that had been so terribly neglected during the pre-release month days before. Like scrubbed to Disney-Princess-Movie-Sparkling kind of clean. I literally worked on the house till past midnight. Then I woke up bright and early Friday morning to haul ass with four kiddos(one was not mine) down to the Civic Center for Competition.

I spent TWELVE HOURS down there!!!! Twelve!!! That is an incredible dedication to dance I didn't even know I had!

But it was a really, really fun day. I have some of the coolest friends.

For real.

Ok, then I got home just in time to scoot the kidlets to bed at like 10:30, change out of my concert-hall-icky-clothes(I swear after every competition I smell like rusted metal and the grime from decades of random activity on cement flooring) just in time to greet my brother and his fiancee as they came in for the weekend from Kansas.

So, I pretended to be awake and alert, which took a lot of effort... trust me... I was like a zombie without the craving for brains.

Got them sent to bed with our life-size cut out of Darth Vader. A birthday gift from that same brother to my husband, so I make him sleep with it when he stays with us.

In return, whenever I leave the house I have to come back to Darth in various places around my house. Yesterday it was my front picture window as he greeted guests for a wedding shower. And today it was from our master bedroom window as he watched the neighborhood with silent plans to rebuild the Death Star in northwest Omaha.

Oh and this morning, Darth was in the main floor bathroom and scared the bejeezus out of Scarlett when she tried to use the facilities first thing.

Anyway, Saturday morning I woke up early to give the kids a bath. And I'm not going to lie here, the kids got a bath because I didn't want anyone to see remnants of Stella's stage make-up. I'll stick up for our crazy choice of competitive dance all day, every day. Until, I have to explain why my six year old has super dark blush and lip stain on to family friends.

Ok, where was I? Can you tell I'm like on-the-verge-of-closing-my-mind-tired?

After the kids were clean I ran to the store to grab everything I needed (which of course ended up being two stores because I literally needed everything) to set up for the Bridal Shower my mom and I were throwing in just a few hours. Got home. Set up. Fed the baby. Boom. Party.

My brother is getting married in a little over two weeks and we are SO excited he found someone that is able to love him. :)

Just kidding.

Kind of.

And more over, I am SUPER excited to have another sister. I don't have a real sister. Only brothers. But now I have two sisters in law on Zach's side. And soon I'll have one on my side!

Pretty exciting.

Plus, the shower went well! So hooray!

And then this morning. Oh lord. This morning. I was up at 5AM to start getting ready for the day. We were down to competition by 7:20(ahem, don't worry I was 20 minutes late. BUT it's the first time I've been late all year, so I'm still giving myself a pat on the back. Job, well done mom.) and we didn't get home until close to three!

Where I proceeded to immediately fall asleep.

My kids were fine. They were full of energy.

Me? Not so much!

Zach and I felt like we were mugged this weekend. I am so exhausted!!!

But so satisfied. It was just a really good weekend.

And my house is even mostly clean still!!! Except for the laundry... that is a cataclysmic disaster of epic proportions. But there is always tomorrow right????


Anyway, I felt terrible for not promoting The Rush on my own release weekend. I'm kind of the worst author ever.

There's no just kidding here. I really am a terrible author as far as everything after the writing part. (I'm also a terrible parent. This was confirmed tonight when Zach asked me if I read with Stella before bed and I admitted that I forgot, but don't worry she worked on her cartwheel for 45 minutes!!! It's a good thing Zach really loves me....)

I've never even done a blog tour!! I am hoping to rectify that with The Rush though. It's probably time I catch up with the program.

Speaking of The Rush..... Have you read it yet??? I have had the most incredible feedback so far. You guys. Are. Amazing. Seriously!!!

So not only thank you for being freaking awesome, but thank you for buying The Rush in the first place!!!! I still can't believe people actually read my books.

Honestly, I'm so blessed by you.

So if you haven't read it yet, I sincerely hope that you will. It's a book I am really, really proud of and I'm so in love with it. The story felt a lot like Reckless when I was writing it. Just how much I fell into the story, how affected I was by it and how it just kind of came out of me naturally.

Anyway, if you have already read it you should do two things now.... 1. Reread Ryder's POV, it will make so much more sense now!!! And I hyperlinked that so you can just click on it. And 2. Listen to Andrew James' I Believe again!!! It's so perfect. So. Perfect. And it's just to the right of your screen on The Rush Playlist.

Those two things will complete your reading experience. :)

Do you know what will complete it even more...? Another POV from Ryder!!!! Yep, that's right!

And I'll post one, just as soon as there are 50 honest reviews on Amazon!! (That's your incentive! :)

Thanks again for downloading The Rush!!!

Next up is Bet in the Dark. Teasers start Tuesday!!!!


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  1. YES! You're awesome!! THANK YOU!!!! Heading to Amazon right now : )

  2. Hey Rachel! I have read and loved The Rush, but I do have a questions, since this is a series will it continue to follow Ivy?