Breakout Books

So I have some incredible news for you all!!!

This is so exciting I can hardly stand it. :)

Last week, Apple introduced a new feature called Breakout Books on their website. And.... Reckless Magic made the cut!!!!!

Ah! This is so very exciting! This feature will remain a permanent fixture on Apple's website, and Reckless gets to stay there for two whole weeks!!! This means so much to me, and to Indie publishing as all the books featured are indie books.

I feel so honored and humbled. Most of the time I am just trying to keep my head above water in this crazy world. So making a list like this, being included with so many other incredible writers is truly something that just blows me away!!

And I cannot thank Apple, Smashwords or you all enough!!!!

Check out the Smashwords Blog to find out more or the New York Times article!!!

What??? I made a New York Times freaking article!!! Ah!

And you all know how much I love Smashwords and their blog. I had the fantastic opportunity to do an interview with them this fall. I will always be grateful to them!!

So thank you again to everyone who has liked and shared Reckless Magic. You guys are simply amazing. So much love.


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