I'm actually, and against all logic, experience and reason, excited for Monday. We had a crazy busy weekend... So getting back into the routine of Monday feels kind of nice!

How about that Super Bowl game, huh???

Yeah, right.

I don't really care! Sorry.

I'm not the biggest football fan.... I can watch a game which feels like the biggest kind of accomplishment at the end of it. And we're huge Husker fans, of course because we're from Nebraska and The Cornhuskers are like a religion here. But truthfully I don't understand the finer points of the game.

My husband, the closet-feminist that he is, doesn't believe any girl is capable of understanding the finer points of the game. Which, obviously he says that just to get under my skin, because if there is anything that can get me riled up it's an "I can do anything you can do, better. I can do anything better than you" argument. Girl Power and all that. But in our experience, I'm not sure we know any girl that completely understands football and follows it enough to be considered a fan.

My whole argument is that the closest experience I had to playing football was two-hand touch in our front yard with the neighborhood boys during my tomboyish-childhood. And that inevitably just turned into tackle whoever had the ball. Which then turned into me always having the ball. Because despite my athletic clothes and tough-guy demeanor, I was still a girl with boobs and the boys just wanted to tackle me.

Gross, right???

But I think if I would have played the game, I would be able to understand every aspect of it. Soccer, volleyball, basketball, even ping pong are all games I've played and learned the rules. Football was just never in the cards for me.

I'm a Packer fan by default, since my mom grew up in Wisconsin and has cheered them on all our life. But honestly, I watched the game for the commercials. And I'm proud of that fact! :)

Oh and I like making snacks. I've become the worst kind of housewife ever since this whole writing thing took off, but my love of throwing a good party never died. And making a fantastic, gourmet menu is one of my most favorite things in life. Everyone else can get into the competitive spirit of an athletic competition, I'll take my apron and pretend to be Betty Crocker meets Martha Stewart for a few hours.

We also had this really fun double date with some friends of ours on Saturday night. We went to dinner and then tried to go bowling. Dinner was fantastic and these friends of ours are so fun to hang out with.

But here's the thing, Bowling didn't happen because it was INSANE in there. We got there at 9, which was technically on time and they told us there was a three hour wait!!!!!!!! What????

Who knew bowling was so popular?? Is it like this everywhere????

Well, ok, this is Nebraska and it's like 3 degrees outside, so there's not a whole lot of options for late night activities. But seriously???

The other couple and Zach were really disappointed. Zach loves bowling. And all three of them even own their own balls and shoes and all that. Obviously they're professionals....

Me? Not so much. I go because it's fun. But in all honesty, I took a bowling class in college as a PE credit and I once bowled a 36. Yep, you read that right... a 36.

How is that even possible you ask?

It almost defies logic, so I'm not really sure.

Instead we went back to their house and played bowling on the Wii. I still lost every game, but on that I actually bowled 145!!! So... I'm all about setting personal records. :)

Anyway, enough of the weekend recap! I never did post a teaser.. shoot! So I will do that today. We might do a whole week of teasers, because I am so excited for this book I can hardly stand it!!! Plus I have a really, really exciting announcement coming up including this book.

Today though I should definitely make this announcement!

Probably I could have announced this a while ago... but the reason I did not is two-fold. Firstly, I kind of am terrible at being an author. (I'm not being self-deprecating... as I have been accused of recently, ahem, Jenn... :) I'm just being honest! I'm not good at the publicity side of this job. I've never even done a legitimate blog tour... How bad is that??? Anyway. The second reason is that I'm a complete commitment-phobe. Something I just recently figured out.... I think I know myself pretty well and then someone else drops that kind of bomb on me and it's like angelic choirs start singing the hallelujah chorus and enlightenment dawns white and hot all around me.

But those issues are for another blog.

Today. The Announcement!

I will be at UtopYA this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I decided this forever ago. Like last year when I couldn't go because I was a million months preggo. But this year, the ticket is bought and paid for and the plans are in the works!!!

I am so very, very excited I just cannot even tell you!!!!!

So yay!! You should definitely come to. Think about it, but definitely decide yes. :)

Ok, for real this time. A teaser later today!!!


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  1. Yeah! Go Packers!!
    Hubby and I went bowling with friends on Saturday. It was in the afternoon though. Only people in the alley were parents and kids for a birthday party... so much for getting away from kids for a few hours...
    My highest score was 119... it all went downhill from there.