A day late....

So yesterday was Tuesday.

And today is Wednesday.

In case any of you forgot... like I did.

Well, I didn't really forget what day it is, but I definitely forgot to post my teaser!!

So here it is today. Actually, there is one of each. Why?? Because I love both of these books.

And I love you all!!!

From The Rush. So you've met Ryder... now meet Nix, our villain.

He was staring out the window, taking in the city skyline. His reflection was mirrored in the clear pane, his expression intense and serious. He didn’t turn automatically to greet me and so I stood awkwardly leaning against my doorframe, waiting for him to notice me.

His broad shoulders were covered by a perfectly fitted navy blue suit, and his hair was expertly styled. I studied his profile more from raw hypnosis than conscious desire, but his jaw line was chiseled and strong, his nose the perfect accent to his striking face, his dark eyes penetrating and always passionate. He was gorgeous, that much was undeniable. He screamed masculinity, testosterone and dominance. A shaky breath and nerves that felt like tiny grenades setting off inside my blood reminded me that evil could easily be deceptively and blindingly beautiful.

That was Nix.


And wicked.

The worst kind of wicked.

And here is a tiny sneak peek of Jericho's story, The Relentless Warrior.

Meet Olivia.

“Who’s that?” Olivia whispered against my chest and I realized she was talking about Eden.

I didn’t know when the golden couple returned to the castle, but apparently introductions had yet to be made. I looked down at Olivia to answer her question and almost laughed out loud at the extreme distrust I registered in her expression.

“That’s the Queen,” I whispered against her disheveled head of hair. “I’m sure she’s here to help.”

Olivia snorted sarcastically and I wasn’t sure if it was because she didn’t believe there was help for her sister or because she didn’t think Eden was capable of helping. Either way I found her amusing, she was such a little firecracker.

“She’s pretty, isn’t she?” Olivia asked, but it didn’t sound like a compliment.

I made a noncommittal noise and then put some space between us, suddenly not comfortable with how wrapped up in each other we were with a room full of people watching us. “Tell me what happened tonight, and how her seizure started.”

“Only if you promise not to leave again tonight,” she demanded fiercely.


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  1. Oooh, "raw hypnosis", I like that! Nice teasers!

  2. waaaahhhhhhh...love love love I need more. I just hate waiting. Worst thing in the entire world!