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First and Foremost. THANK YOU to every single one of you for being so incredible! Your kind words and sweet encouragements have meant so much to me!! You just have no idea.

Logically... in my head... I know that I'm not alone as I struggle through motherhood and life and a job and everything else.

But emotionally, it can feel a little solitary. So it's so comforting to be reminded that we all struggle and that I'm not alone!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

You guys are simply amazing.

Best people ever.

Secondly.... Ecards are my life. Seriously. My. Life.

I cannot get enough of them.

I was just skimming Pinterest for some Christmas decorating ideas and instead of feeling Martha-Stewart-Inspired I kept laughing hysterically at how creative people are.

Thirdly and Finally. I have been reading a lot lately. Mostly because I'm tied down to feeding the baby like every hour and a half of every single day and I gave up on TV a while ago...

Save for The Vampire Diaries and Flipping Out. And soon I will add The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to that list. Obviously that's the best stuff on TV right now.

But anyway, I have been reading and reading and reading. And I have this extensive To Read List. Like my Kindle is like 75% full and I've probably only read like half of those books.

And most of that list is the Indie world.

Why??? Because I adore my Indie Authors. They are the greatest people in the world.

SO many of them have helped me out along the way. I didn't know other authors for a long time, comparatively, and so when people reached out to me it made a HUGE difference in my career.

And I didn't feel so alone.

And I had resources to go to with my millions of questions.

But the best part of meeting other authors for me is reading their work. It has opened up my reading world. And it's fantastic.

Plus I LOVE being able to name drop at the same time I recommend a book.

What?? It's like I know famous people!! :)

All that to say, I have discovered some of the cutest books ever and I want to pass along my recommendation to you!!!!

I can't really name drop since we've only messaged back and forth like twice and it was because I was stalking her Facebook page and HAD to find out the exact release date for her newest book which comes out this month.

Don't worry it's before Thanksgiving. Whew. I don't have to wait that long.

So if I didn't have enough incentive to get my own book out, now I do!! :)

Her name is Emily Evans. And she is pretty much brilliant with her writing.

I LOVE a quirky heroine. And I really, really love like an honest, funny, adorable story line. Which is what she delivers, every single book.

She has five books out right now on Amazon and none of them are part of a series.

My favorite, favorite book of hers is the Accidental Movie Star, but Do Over comes in a very, very, very close second.

I'm not kidding you, you NEED to read her books. You will feel more complete as a person when you're finished.

Plus then you can fall in love with her like I did and we can all buy her new book The Prince with Amnesia when it comes out and then I'll have people to gush over it with!!!!!

I'm serious. I wouldn't lie to you about this!


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  1. Thanks for the recommendation's.... I read everything you suggest, just so you know!

  2. Rachel, You are too kind!
    Thanks! All the best,