Hair Care

Ugh. I need to get my hair cut again.

Which is an unusual thing for me to be concerned about. Before January I was like a once-every-three-years kind of hair cut girl.

But that was before I started going gray. Also before I thought highlighting my hair was a good idea.

Now I have to deal with roots.

And then after Solo was born I decided I needed a "mom cut" and now it's at a very awkward length!

Not that I ever wear it down anyway... There's just too much of it!!

When I decided to cut the whole foot of hair off, I thought for sure I would wear it down.

Wrong. So wrong.

I have this very bizarre insecurity about volume... People think I'm at my craziest when I complain about my hair being flat, because if anything it is an afro of curls... But seriously, it's all about volume in the right places.

Otherwise my head looks like a blonde-curly-haired-Christmas-tree!!!

And nobody wants that.

Anyway, there is no time for a hair cut... So you are just going to have to deal with my roots.

In college, I had a close friend try to highlight my hair from a box. It was first semester of Freshman year, and I had never done ANYTHING to my hair, except cut it at the end of my sophomore year from all the way down my back to up to my chin.

It went from frizzy, poofy and straight to curly. Like curly curly.

And it's when Zach decided I was a hot piece of what?!

Moving on... :)

When we went the box route, the cheap chemicals like seriously attached to my hair and instead of a few highlights, it spread, multiplied and bleached my whole head of hair.

It was quite shocking.


And because I was a poor college student, there were no future hair appointments to fix the debacle in sight.

So I kept bleaching and bleaching.

But... I'm not like on top of things. Ever. So I would let the growth between bleachings get long... Like, really long.

It was so not cute.

I mean, there is definitely this fondness for bleached blonde hair, but I can't ever go back there. That was a dark time for the health and well-being of my curly locks.

At the time I worked at a restaurant waiting tables. And there was this super sassy gay guy named George who was in love with Zach. He would make me call Zach to come visit at the restaurant every time we worked together.

And I just loved him.


Not Zach.

But like I said, he was super sassy and always just said what was on his mind.

Or the opposite of what was on his mind, so he wouldn't seem rude, but you knew what he really meant.

So I was standing at the computer, typing in an order and he walked up to me and goes, "Mmm... is this like your style? With the roots?"

Super snotty.

And I laughed, because I knew he loved me too. Or at least that's what I'm' choosing to believe. And I said, "Yeah, it's probably time to fix that."

And he goes, "Oh but you're the kind of girl that can pull it off."

And he walked away.

Those words haunt me to this day. He was so not being nice. He was basically calling me homeless....

And I've had a fear of roots ever since!!!! But now they are staring me in the face every time I look in a mirror and I keep picturing myself in the ugly black, collared shirt they made us wear smelling like fried food.


So I've told myself that I a hair cut/dye will be my reward when one of my projects is done....

If you run into me in the mean time, just be kind to the whole half and half thing I got going on right now and know that it's all for the good of the writing!

Think that exact same thing when you look at my eyebrows too. Because I get those waxed at the same time I get my hair done.

So only at least one more month to go....


But seriously, they do need a little TLC.

And so does my WIP.


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