Kindlegraph is STRESSING me out!!!!

Sorry if you have recently gotten a kindlegraph from me and you're like wth??? Because I don't know what to say.


Seriously. Ever.

I always want to write something I think is funny... like Yearbook Sayings. I think it would be really funny if I was like "Don't ever change." or "Have a great summer." or "BFF's forever!!"

But I'm pretty sure that kind of humor doesn't translate well over the internet. Let alone in an autographed ebook....

I also want to put like little pieces of advice in them... like, "The early bird gets the worm, Rachel Higginson." or "You booze, you lose, Rachel Higginson."

But then I REALLY think people would be like, uh.... ok....?

So instead I try to come up with cutesy little sayings but they all come off cheesy to the extreme and I can't even take myself seriously.

Now I'm to the stressed out part.

I actually wrote "With gratitude, blessings and love."


I wrote that.

And I mean it... but I am SO not the kind of person to say that.


Not even to people I really love.

Like Zach.... He'd be like, "And now it's time to get you on some medication."

Maybe I'll just start writing song lyrics. But not like meaningful song lyrics... Something more appropriate like, "Criss Cross make you wanna jump, jump, jump."


"Whoop there it is. Whoop there it is..."


"It's Friday night and I feel alright... Party's here on the westside."

Why are all my song choices 90's era rap songs???

Great question. I'll let you know as soon as my therapist and I get to the bottom of it!

But see? These are the things I think about instead of writing something meaningful. And the thing is I love the idea of Kindlegraph and I think it's awesome! I just can't take myself seriously enough to write something serious to someone else.....

I'm a complicated woman.

What can I say???

Anyway. What I really want to say today is this. Last blog I told you about some of my fave authors that you need to check out.

Today I'm going to share what I'm reading.

Because you need to check this book out.

Like asap.

Emerge by Lila Felix.

It's so good. And so moving. And so wonderful all at the same time.

I kind of gave up contemporarys for a while because they were seriously depressing me.... I get completely emotionally involved when I read and I could not take one more heart-wrenching story. I couldn't.

But I adore the amazing Lila Felix. So I lifted my ban and dove in.

It was SO worth it!!! The story is so touching and can be so funny, but tragic at the same time... I'm only half way through. I get no time to read these days...

But I'm far enough into it that I am telling you. You need to read it!!!!

Emerge, by Lila Felix


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  1. I think anyone who follows your blog would expect nothing other than something goofy and funny like the things you mentioned or song lyrics. Anyone who follows you will get that humor :) LOVE the new book by the way! Can't wait for the next to come out!

  2. do I get this kindlegraph?