Wedding Day Bliss

Yesterday I spent the whole morning in the dentist chair so there was no blogging for me.

Why isn't that environment conducive to writing though??? That's what I want to know!

I spend a good three hours there when I go. Or at the very least two... I could get a lot of work done, with one side of my face completely numb, but no children running around. Instead I get the priveledge of watching the Today Show and wondering what happened to Ann Curry (I really should just google that story.... Especially since it's been nagging at me for a while now....) and thinking I don't like this new girl at all, whatsoever.

I do get a couple minutes of Kathy Lee and Hoda in though and I adore those girls.

And their drinking habits!


Anyway, if there were a way for me to work and have my mouth worked on at the same time, that would be fantastic.

But alas.... I don't think it's possible. I even take my kindle in thining I'll have some time to read, but I never get to it, because my head is tipped back and my mouth wide open and I'm usually trying not to cringe from the sound of a drill in my mouth.


Ick, it's an awful sound.

Luckily, I have the worst teeth known to mankind, so I'm not even halfway through my dental appointments....

And then there's the implant surgery after the baby's born...

Oh and then I go back to the dentist to finish up.

I will be there for the rest of my life.

If you ever need to find me, call the dentist office first....

Anyway, enough complaining!!! I am just thankful to be in a position where I can actually FINALLY get my teeth worked on.

Like I'm the kind of girl that goes six months in between cleanings and the dentist shrieks in surprise at the problems I've accrued in between time.

I blame genetics.

And no flouride in the water as a child.

And an obsession with soda.

And four babies.

Basically everything and anything I CAN blame, I will. :)


Last night I met one of my dearest friends and her daughter at Burger King for some cheeseburgers and chit chat and then we loosed our children on the germ infested playplace whiel we caught up on life.

It was wonderful. And I only had my girls so it made the whole evening SUPER easy and fun.

My friend is in a serious relationship and they are thinking about marriage. Not anytime tomorrow, but in a year or so.

PS... My spellcheck has been turned off for some reason and I can't figure out how to turn it back on, so I am getting NO indications of when I spell words wrong... I try to proof read my blogs, but lets face it, I'm not the most observant dectective in the precinct.... So I apologize ahead of time for the poor grammar and spelling. I rely on technology WAYYYY too much to run my life.

And make me sound smart.


Ok, back to my story. So. They are thinking about getting married.

My friend is 28 years old, the same age as me.

Do you know what this means????

It simply means that she has been planning her wedding for roughly 27 years. I'll give her her infancy off.... but, let's face it, she's a girl and us girl's have an innate obsession with all things wedding.

We do!

We can't help it.

It's ingrained in us. We are born with it.

I'm pretty sure God created man, showed him his penis and said now you have something to think about for the rest of eternity.

And then God made woman out of man's rib, and showed her the concept of a wedding and we've been thinking and planning and mapping it out in our heads ever since.

In highschool my friends and I used to buy bridal magazines. BRIDAL MAGAZINES. As highschoolers and talk about that future day for hours.

I didn't even buy a bridal magazine when it was actually time to get married.

Although.... by then I knew EXACTLY what I wanted so it didn't matter.

My friend isn't even engaged yet.... but somehow hours and hours of our time last night were spent planning and thinking about her big day.

You know, the one that doesn't even have a date on it yet.

Don't get me wrong. She has absolutely every right to do this!!! I would never rob her of the excitement or enjoyment that comes along with getting married, or even just thinking about getting married.

It's too important to us women.

It's too VITAL to us women.

We can't give that up.... Even if we want to.

We can't even go to someone elses wedding and just enjoy it. Oh no, we have to pick it apart in our heads: I would do this different, but oh, I love that, I would definitely do that, and I love that too, but I don't think it would fit my style of wedding, her dress was gorgeous, not my taste, but she looked beautiful, oh I am SO stealing that idea!!!

I mean, right?? How many reality shows are there just revoloving around weddings??? Heck, just revolving around the DRESS???

Even if we've already been married we play through the ceremony and reception in our minds with everything we would or would not have done.

So I got home and Zach asked how my night was and what we talked about.... because let's face it, he still doesn't understand how women can just meet up and talk without having any other entertainment happening around us.... And I told him, oh we planned her wedding.

And his first response was, "But she's not even engaged yet...."

And I said, "I know, but that's what girl's do."

And he said, "And you loved every minute of it!"

And he's right!!!!! Of course I did!!! I loved it. And then I got really sad about it because there's nothing left for me to plan....

I've already done the wedding thing.

And I don't get to do it again.... :(

Let's be clear, I SO enjoy this side of wedded bliss and more than definitely prefer it to the uncertainty and drama of dating.


In fact, sometimes I can't even stand couples that are dating.... I just think, please, please, please get married and have kids already so that I don't have to watch you worship each other and call each other "baby."

Don't get me started on "baby...." He is not your baby..... He is a grown man, that deserves to be treated that way. Have a baby. And then call your baby-baby. But please for the love of all that is holy stop calling your significant other BABY!!!



Whew. I've found my composure again.

Anyway.... But seriously, there is no more wedding for me to plan, no pictures to cut out of magazines, no pinterest boards for me to start.

Sidenote, how pissed are we brides that got married before pinterest was around????

So not fair, right!!!

Here's a confession: I even spend time on Pinterest LOOKING at wedding stuff. I can't help it. I'm like a moth to a flame.... I HAVE to look.

Oh and another confession: When someone on my facebook feed gets married, I actually get irritated when their pictures aren't up IMMEDIATELY. I'm like, HELLO, was Nobody at this wedding that wants to tag the bride and groom?????

Maybe I have a weird addiction....

Yikes!! Like I belong on that... My Strange Addiction show.... (Don't tell Zach..) :)

Anyway, now I have to live vicariously through others when it's their time to get married.

And it's not even like I would change anything about my wedding. I wouldn't. I ADORE my wedding... I love every single thing about it. And, like every good bride, I like mine the best. I've never found another wedding to be more jealous of. Which I think is a good thing and not prideful at all. It just means that I loved everything about my day.


Well there are three things I would change about it now.

I would change the band. Although the band we had did a fine job, we got married in a barn and the music wasn't really fitting.... They were a brass ensemble and at the time I had dreamed about getting married in white tents with a gorgeous string ensemble, well we couldn't find one so settled on brass.

But then we decided to get married in the barn.

I should have had a bluegrass band with a banjo.

I've thought about that a lot since then.

And the second thing I would have changed was I would have had a dance. There was room and if I had my bluegrass band it would have been super fun... But both my father and groom utterly refused to dance.

What's a girl to do???

Oh and I would change my bridesmaids.

Sorry girls if you happen to read this.... but lets get real and say we don't talk anymore.

Not that I blame either party, in fact I blame the Curse of the Bridesmaids.... And the fact that my sister in laws were super young, I don't have any sisters of my own and I was still in college so the girls I had stand with me were actually my closest friends at the time.

But anyway. Other than those three minor details I loved every single thing about my wedding day.

And Zach will still tell me to this day, all on his own accord, without me every promopting him, that he likes my wedding dress better, that I was the prettiest bride. (Than whoevers wedding we're at.)

Isn't he the bestest ever????

Oh and he would change one thing too. I think he said not that long ago he wishes they would have worn bowties instead of those fancy poofy ties.

Which would have been cute in a barn.

Shortly after we got married, I was in a class with another married girl(There weren't that many of us my senior year, so we stuck close together.) and we mourned the fact that now that our weddings were over there was this HUGE daydream space in our brains that needed to be filled.

Maybe that's why I became a writer... I used to think about getting married, but once that happened I filled the space with fictional stories.



But it's true. It's like once it's over, it's done and sorry. Hope one of your close friends gets married and you get to help them because it's all downhill after that until you have girls of your own and they don't listen to any of your ideas because by that time your old and out of touch and they think they know better.


Not that I've even had this experience yet....

So anyway, until Stella or Scarlett is ready to walk down the aisle, I'll just secretly troll pinterest for cute ideas to store away for the future and offer my opinion to complete strangers if need be.

Or maybe I'll just keep party-planning in my books and designing my dream dresses there.

Which probably means I should get back to writing....


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  1. Haha I Loved this post! I am currently planning my wedding and my biggest fear is regretting decisions that I make. That is so awesome that you still Love your wedding! I was just telling my friend that I'm happy to have pinterest but I think it adds a lot more pressure to have the best. wedding. ever. If you'd like to make a board for me though, feel free! ;)